15 Interesting Things You Need To Know About KKD


He is popularly known as KKD, which is actually coined from the initials of his full name, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah. The Ghanaian Radio presenter, also known as ‘the finest’, is very popular. His speech abilities, fashion sense and ever-young attitude are some of the things that are well known about him. But no matter how popular he is, there are certain things I’m quite sure you didn’t know about him.

Below are 15 Interesting Things You Will Love To know About KKD


1. Place of Birth:

If not that this man is unquestionably dark in complexion, I would have feared that some will think he is not of Ghanaian origin because of his “fineness”. He was actually born in Tema to Opanin Kwasi Darkwah and Ohemaa Ama Asokwa Kyei Darkwah.

2. His family.

His father married three wives. His mother gave birth to six children and he is the first of all. He comes from a royal family. His parents are the owners of the Darkwah Plaza and Jatokrom Hotel in Tema.

3. Life Ambitions

Right from childhood, KKD had wanted to become a public personality. He loves being a representative and wants to be seen and heard.

4. His Nature

He is a very hard working gentleman. This is reflected in the way he started his career very early in life. Between the ages of 15 and 17, KKd  has already started writing advertising copy and was also recording jingles and voice-overs. See his very words:

“As a child I found the lives of the best paid performers appealing. I was writing plays for acting at school at the age of six and organizing themed student jams from age 11. How I got these skills, I do not know.”

5. How he started the Media Career

His family status really helped to guide him to his current career. His parents had record shops while he was still in his teens and before he knew it, he was already working at the Ghana Broadcasting Co-operation. He loves what he is doing and makes sure that his clients gets the best out of every show, no matter how small.

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