Weird: Woman with P*nis Caught Flying Away with a Womb in Ghana! [See Disturbing Photos]


Something very strange, weird, bizarre and altogether mysterious happened in Ghana some days ago. A strange being having unisex characteristics, namely – masculine head, feminine-looking face, breasts, female-sized butts, and penis was spotted, disgraced and apprehended in Madina city of Ghana.

It was alleged that the same bi-sexual being was flying back from stealing a woman’s womb in the night but couldn’t continue his journey as a result of tiredness. So he/she fell down to rest only to wake up to see him/herself surrounded by curious on-lookers. Most of the people on noticing his/her unique body make-up were seized with fear supposing he/she will be nothing but a witch/wizard, hence retraced their steps.

But the daring ones looked on, giving him/her snap shots and even making moves of assaulting the creature if not for the timely intervention of the police who took him/him away to their custody.

The claims that he/she was found with a womb and also confessed to stealing it from a woman at night are however unfounded.

Below are the captured images:




Don’t you think this is sheer ignorance and as well unfair, as this person may just be a hermaphrodite being assaulted for no just cause? I wonder if the said person is sane or insane, human or… who knows? what do you think of this strange encounter?