In Ghana, there are some jobs that are so much looked down on. People who engage in such jobs or businesses are usually pitied and not regarded in the society. Most of the times, it requires one to throw shame and self-esteem to the winds in order to be able to be involved in them. But it’s very unfortunate that some of the people who are casting pitiable looks on these people are no better financially in their so-called white-collar and prestigious jobs. Ironically, the people who do these ‘odd jobs’ boast of an enviable standard of living without people knowing it. Here are some of the most disrespected jobs you never know how well they pay in Ghana.


sachet water biz
Disrespected Businesses

The sachet water business popularly known as the ‘pure water’ business is one lucrative business venture many young graduates will never want to venture in because they feel it does not show prestige to be involved in them. But surprisingly, those operating it are making so much money far more than what some white-collar jobs will offer.

Some white-collar jobs may mark an employee ¢20 a day and that will be ¢600 a month, but someone selling sachet water and doing it well could make 3 times the amount depending on the location. You know the cost of a bag of sachet water when purchased from the company; You equally know the selling price per sachet, so check it out yourself! Besides, everyone does have to drink water, right?


cash crop farming
Disrespected Businesses

It is almost a general belief, especially for young graduates, that farming is meant for the crude and unlearned village people, but in the real scheme of things, farmers may be richer than most of the bank managers we see walking around. Farming is a very lucrative business but Ghanaians feel it doesn’t have any prestige and many young people do not even give it a thought. If you are still in doubt, try finding out why the Agricultural Development Bank is one of the richest banks in Ghana.


Kumasi--KVIP Kumasi ventilated improved pit toilet
Disrespected Businesses

It may really sound ridiculous to tell someone who values prestige to consider going into KVIP management. Though it may sound so nice when abbreviated, KVIP simply means, Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit. But the truth is, if you’re able to build one KVIP in a heavily populated area, you have made a fortune. It’s a gold and oil mine put together. With the invention for Bio-gas, there’s a good future for this business. If only some of our unemployed graduates would give this a try instead of roaming the streets searching for white-collar jobs, life will be very much better for them than they ever imagined.


Disrespected Businesses

As a result of the increased weddings, funerals and parties going on everyday around the country, caterers are presently among the people with the highest number of callers. One thing about catering is that the returns you get depends on how you handle the business. It pays most if you own the business yourself. It also requires you to be hardworking as there are many competitors in the business.

Many do not value this business here in Ghana but if you happen to gain popularity in the business, you will be counted among the rich! Have you ever wondered why there is always a crowd at fast food outlets like Mr Biggs and Frankies? Well, now you have your answer.


cattle rearing
Disrespected Businesses

No matter how funny and degrading it may sound, the bitter truth is that cattle rearing is a very lucrative business in Ghana. Don’t allow yourself to be demoralized by the shabby dressing of people who are involved in it or even the fact that animals can be very messy.

One calve costs about ¢600, two will cost about ¢1,200.00. If you get a male and female, you’re already into business. It’s a long-term investment which fetches a lot later in life, because one full-grown cow or bull can be sold between ¢3,000 to ¢6,000 depending on the size of the animal. Cows also breed fast and within some days can rake in a lot of money. I bet when the money starts rolling in, you wont remember all the poop you had to pack with your bare hands.


Disrespected Businesses

This job ranges from motor-vehicle repairs to fixing other types of engines, generators, etc, but no matter the one you specialize in, you are sure to make it. This is because it is one business where you have a lot of callers on a daily basis as people who own cars cannot do without taking them for repairs or daily check ups, and lets face it, almost everyone has a car now. Though this profession is disrespected in Ghana, it give hundreds of Cedis on a daily basis.

Some bank managers cannot really compare themselves to a successful mechanic. Repairing your car is a necessity the moment you get to own one. Though they may look like mad people because of the nature of their job, you can agree with me that they will not look that way once they begin to expand. The most amazing thing about this business is that you don’t have to use the gain to purchase more raw materials because all the raw materials you need are in your hands and in your head.

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commercial driver cell phone use banned
Disrespected Businesses

If only drivers would learn to save, then the world will get to realize just how lucrative commercial driving is in Ghana. Who really respects a “tro-tro” driver? But many of the people who made it started with just one car and today, most of they have fleets of commercial vehicles and have actually become millionaires even though they don’t look like it. Even drivers of big trucks make a lot of money too.


Disrespected Businesses

When ever you meet a coconut seller, never underestimate their job or look down upon them, they could be far richer than you are. It is one of the most lucrative business out there and many of us don’t respect the job but it pays. Some of them invest the proceeds into some other businesses which they run alongside coconut selling. They may not look like millionaires to you but they are living fine and might end up better than some people who are waiting for government pensions.


Disrespected Businesses

All these women you see in the market selling food stuffs are well loaded but will never openly admit to it. Some of them are single mothers or widows who have been able to pay their children’s fees till their university level from what they get in petty market trading. Some own houses and cars but appear simple and wretched. Don’t be fooled by their appearance they are much richer than you actually think.

So you see, you don’t have to disrespect that job because they are very much better than so pensioners who have nothing to show for their long years of service.


truck pushing
Disrespected Businesses

You must agree with me that this is the most disregarded of all the disrespected businesses on this list. Some people go down the way cursing them, especially when they obstruct the road while struggling with heavy loads. Nobody wants to be called a truck pusher, never! But the fact is that these people we look down on in the society are real big men. In fact they make 3 times more than fuel attendants. In a day, they can make about ¢80-200 on average, depending on business.

The only problem with them is that, due to how tedious the job is, they usually use a greater part of the money on food and drugs, but it largely depends on how the person goes about the business. The prudent ones among them who accepted their present conditions happily tend to spend less and are always able to save enough to enable them move into other business ventures. After all, a truck pusher was once spotted while answering a call amidst his job. Your ribs will crack at his very humorous response to the caller who is supposedly his girlfriend – “Baby, please call me back, I’m driving”. Lol!