Are you looking to live, travel or invest in one of the most intriguing and developed countries in Africa? Ghana is ranked the third best country in Sub-Saharan Africa to live in. This is in reference to her economy, quality of life, education and stable political environment.

Below are 10 good reasons why Ghana is the coolest country to live in.

1. Rich History

Ghana, previously known as the “Gold of Coast” is fascinating with a rich historical background. Because of its wealth in natural resources, especially gold, it became a stopover for merchants notably from England, Holland, Sweden, and Denmark. The country has compelling historical sites, museums, and forts such as Fort Victoria and Fort William which have great stories behind their existence.


2. Captivating Music Culture

In almost all street you walk on, you will certainly find enthusiastic locals dancing to the beats of the drum. These countrymen are known to create compelling and intricate rhythms with the use of just a couple of drums.

3. Charming and Friendly People

There is something intriguing about the friendliness and hospitality of the Ghanaian people. This is one place where it is relatively easy to make and keep friends. Greetings in Ghana are very vital and because of this, you will find it rare for people to pass each other without a polite hello or wave.

Ghana Twi language - coolest country to live in

4. Astounding economy

In the recent years, Ghana has attained rising human development and rapid economic growth. It has been named one of the fastest growing economies in entire Africa and ranked among the top ten countries in the world with a rapidly growing economy. The country is well endowed with agriculture and natural resources. Cocoa, gold, and oil productions are some of the major sources of foreign exchange for the country. Ghana remains one of the best countries to invest in with potential opportunities in horticulture, real estate, oil, and mining industries.

5. Stable Political Atmosphere

Ghana is a known haven of political stability in the whole of Africa. It has a good track of democracy that greatly inspires people in and out of the country. One of the most highly prided defining features of Ghana is its political stability. In contrast to some of its neighbors, the country has had several decades of very stable democracy with open, free and fair elections. It has been immune from any form of political coup and turbulence making it the coolest country to live in.

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6. Enchanting Climatic Conditions

Ghana experiences tropical climate. The temperatures vary with elevation and season with annual rainfalls of 1100 mm in the North and 2100 in the southeast. The months of June through September are the coolest. The rest of the year is hot and sunny.

Ghana beauty11

7. Tantalizing Unique Foods

It’s a wonder how anyone can resist the alluring taste of ‘fufu’ ( a delicacy made from pounded cassava or yams), ‘Red-Red’ (plantains served with fish, red pepper with sparingly spread black-eyed peas). These ethnic delicacies are accompanied with rich soup with a base of peanut. One will totally fall in love with the unique foods of Ghana.

8. Glamorous Beaches

Ghana is home to a number of beautiful sandy beaches glazed with shining golden sun almost all year round. The beaches offer a refreshing and cool picturesque retreat away from the bustling noises of the city. This is just the perfect place to visit if looking for some little relaxation and tan.

Ghana beauty3
Ghana, the coolest country to live in

9. Fast Growing Hub for Digital Media

Ghana is quickly climbing the ladder to become West Africa’s digital media hub. It has reputable companies and organizations that encourage the exchange of information and ideas of bloggers who are either in or out of Ghana. Such companies also foster and advocate the responsible use of social media to promote change and development. Ghana is one place where you will have freedom of speech and expression without much worry of Big Brother’s eye on you.

10. Intriguing Art and Handicrafts

Beadwork, art, weaving clothes, woodcarvings, and pottery are the pride of Ghana culture. Ghanaian artists are creative thinkers who use symbols and images to come up with fine pieces of art. Some symbols may seem repetitive but they actually depict different societal beliefs and themes. Most interesting are the ‘scary’ statues and masks.

ghana beads

Ghana is a magical point to start connecting with the continent of Africa. The culture and history of this great country will draw you in, marvel you, and can be the perfect springboard for you to travel, learn, and invest. Take a bold step today and connect with this magical, magnificent and culture-rich country. Ghana will readily welcome you with love and open arms.