WAKE UP GHANA! Imagine The 10 Mean Things Ghanaians Count As Lifetime Achievements

Things that bring fulfillment to individuals are never the same. It varies and mostly depends on their common values and life goals. However, there are things that are generally considered great achievements, anytime, anywhere.

Things like making the Forbes list of Billionaires, pioneering a technological invention, climbing a position of global prominence, fighting for global causes such as peace, human rights, building a standard house, becoming a successful entrepreneur and employer of labor, etc. These could be considered some of the things worthy to make the list of great life achievements. But it is never so in Ghana, as there are funny and mean things a lot of Ghanaians would be so glad and settled with, if only they could obtain them.

Having closely and critically observed the lifestyle of most Ghanaians, in relation to their life values and goals, I came up with some hilarious but certainly true facts about the things that give most of them satisfaction. Here are 10 “not-so-significant” things most Ghanaians tag great life accomplishments:

1. Being Tagged a Celebrity


For a lot of Ghanaian youths, and even some middle-aged people, if only they could make it to the cadre of being referred to as one of the Ghanaian celebrities, they have arrived.However, we’ll not deny the fact that some of the celebrities have actually worked hard and made real lifetime achievements, but the most annoying ones are that of the borrow-posers. Once you are able to “be called” not even “become” an actor, actress, musician or comedian, everyone believes yo have made it and you will start being celebrated and reckoned with. Nobody cares to know your net worth and funny enough, the fellow will be glad and OK with that.

2. Appearing on News Media – Good or Bad


Ghanaians are media freaks. They can do just about anything to see they constitute part of the trending news on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines ans what have you.. No matter what it is that’s going viral about them is not the issue, but the meaningless popularity they gain. This explains why time and again we keep on hearing of someone threatening to release a sex tape or video. Whenever I come across that, it’s so annoying that I usually ask the person what he or she is waiting for, why the protocols and prior notice? They feel so happy being mentioned in the web, and to them, it’s on of the greatest feats one can attain in her noble country.

3. Being Popular on Social Media


The rate Ghanaians take to the social networks is alarming. Once they are able to gain prominence on social networks, they feel they are already world figures! They brag endlessly of how many followers they have on twitter, Facebook, Instagram…but never google. Lol.

4. Being a Single Parent


Ghana is one of the few African countries where having children outside wedlock is a proud achievement. They happily broadcast how many children they’ve been able to have without ever getting married to any man or woman. In Ghana, if you are just able to have a child or children without getting married, you have made a wonderful and great lifetime achievement. Your portion is to celebrate!

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5. Being Associated with Famous People


Little wonder, for a couple of days now, Sarkodie has been bragging about Beyoncé saying a ‘Hi’ to him at the BET Awards in 2012. A lot of Ghanaians wouldn’t mind being just errand boys for those who have already attained fame. And take it or leave it, they are just ok, being there. Any slightest opportunity they find, they’ll just be tapping into their master’s fame; they could go to the extent of attributing credit to themselves for achievements that are never theirs. In addition, Ghanaians would be so satisfied if they find opportunity to date a famous person. To them, it is invaluable.

6. Travelling Abroad


Travelling abroad is one of the biggest deals for most Ghanaians. In fact, if it were to be possible, a Ghanaian would not have his bath nor eat for a couple of days after returning from a foreign country in order to keep the “abroad air” hanging on. They make so much fuss about a trip to abroad that one will begin to think he or she received a billion dollars for travelling out of the country.

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7. Possessing some ‘In-vogue’ Techs


It is only in Ghana that  people feel fulfilled just because they posses some ‘so-called expensive items’. Ranging from the latest cars, electronic gadgets to other personal effects such as shoes, hand bags, wrist watches, are things that are so much valued and reckoned with by Ghanaians to be part of their life accomplishments. To be frank, it is based on some of these things, which I may call basic necessities of life that most Ghanaians rate who and who have achieved great things.

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8. Ghanaians and Internet Fraud


Commonly known as ‘Sakawa’, internet fraud is rampant in Ghana such that those involved in it make mouths with their dubious and never-lasting achievements. If you are a sakawa boy in Ghana, you have a lucrative job! They live grand and luxurious lifestyle and for that reason, they are counted among the fortunate, hence, they also feel they’ve made it in life.

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9. Bagging Virtually Worthless Awards


Awards are so precious to Ghanaians that no one cares what it is worth. Once you are able to bag one or two movie, music or other awards, you are an ‘accomplishment’ yourself. Come and see where they are making mouths about awards and you will think they have just become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

10. Being Well Endowed – Physically


Once you are a Ghanaian and you are endowed physically in one way or the other, you have made it in life. Be it outstanding boobs, butts, curves, spotless skin, beautiful face, straight legs, etc. Unless you choose not to accept that you have made it by refusing to make your way to camera shots. The likes of Moesha Boduong and Niki Samonas wouldn’t mind spending their whole lifetime, showing off their body in the most tempting selfies.

And funny enough; or rather, most annoyinly, men are beginning to join the game of flaunting the endowments – showing off their abs, well built muscles and bulging *ggplants. It’s really high time we woke up Ghanaians!!!

What do you think about the above criticisms? Do you think they’re all true? Please, share your views with us at the comment session below.