FOR THE GUYS: Here Are 10 Very Important Things Ladies Notice First In Guys

From time immemorial, women have always been concerned about men’s perception of them, and this inspired a great number of books to be written on how a woman can appear her best.

This time however, we are going to get at the guys. It’s time for guys to sit up, ladies have got things they would love you to do too. In this article, we’ve unraveled the things that are very important to ladies which they notice first before other things whenever they meet a guy for the first time. Read on…

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1. She’s Watching Out for the 3 C’s


You may be wondering what I mean by the 3 C’s. They simply stand for Confidence, Carriage and Composure. Ladies (including my very self) are quickly turned off by men who do not have self confidence and good composure.

Ladies need a guy they can feel secure with and they can judge if you have this capability simply from the way you carry yourself. She can calculate this in seconds just by your posture – walking, standing and sitting.

It looks great if a guy is well composed but be careful not to give her the impression that you are full of yourself; just remember that cockiness and arrogance are not the same as confidence! Keep your head straight and a good smile will do well too.

2. She Marks How You Greet Her the First Time


First impression they say matters a lot, and one of the most important ways to create a good first impression is by the way you greet someone you are meeting the first time.

I’ve got an expo for you here – ladies actually go home to ponder over your first reaction on meeting them. It’s not ideal to make it too intimate, especially when you’re meeting her the first time. Don’t be too formal either.

Depending on the culture and society you are in, you can decide what is best for the occasion. A peck, a handshake, a slight hug, or just a verbal jovial greeting. What’s very important here is how friendly you make it – make it as friendly and lovely as possible.

3. Don’t Be Naughty, Mind Those Wandering Eyes!


Guys, in as much as being romantic is a turn on for ladies, do not replace that with being lustful. Its one of the things we notice first – how and where your eyes are fixed.

Never make it look like you are flirting, do not allow your keen eyes to steal too many uncontrolled glances at those feminine things, else you’ll give her the impression that you just want her for pleasure and nothing more. This is a complete turn off for ladies as it makes them feel insecure.

On the other hand, if you are constantly looking away, avoiding her gaze or looking distracted, that might make her take you for a player. It’s ideal to make eye contact often.

4. You Didn’t Notice? Her Eyes Were Fixed on Your Shoes!


Ladies are quick to fall in love with a good-looking pair of shoes. Its even more important to some ladies than any other thing you wear. Keep your shoes clean and well polished. Avoid bogus shoes and also know the right shoe to go with your outfit. Imagine yourself going out in shirt, jacket and plain trousers with “matching” dirty boots and dangling shoe laces!

5. Stature and Physique

tall girl_0


Yes! true enough, almost every lady loves tall guys and your height is one of the things she notices first but there’s something more to it.

Among other things, your girl is very much interested in your overall stature. Your height, your build, your entire size. You must not be tall, but I bet you, you’ll not make a good date if you appear flabby and bulky. Spending some few minutes or hours at the gym is worthwhile but you don’t need to look like Mike Tyson to get her to fall in love with you.

Smartness is the watchword. Since height is a natural thing that you can do virtually nothing to change, whether you are tall, short or average, make sure you keep that body masculine and fit.

6. Good Manners


Once she notices your good mannerisms, I bet she’ll want a repeat! It’s in her priority list and she’s watching out for that. If you are not yet well acquainted with general courtesy, please go do your home work now before you get floored. Render some little services, it matters a lot, but mind you, do not behave like you are a Mass server under the Lordship of a Most Venerable Priest – just don’t fake it because I assure you she’s an expert at taking note of that. Allow her do things you needn’t help her do and take care of the ones you should take care off. The point here is that we love it when the man is kind and ready to make us feel special. Remember, good manners is not only about the kind gestures, your choice of words matters a lot too. She’s quick to note if you are polite or if your vocabulary is riddled with loud swearing and curses.

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7. Don’t Fake it! Be Original With Your Voice and Accent


Another fact is that she’s listening to the voice, it has a very wonderful part to play. In as much as most ladies wouldn’t love a guy to have a feminine voice, you shouldn’t fake it to impress her. Even if you’ve not got that most loved deep tone, just be yourself. Speak in a very relaxed manner, being original with your tone, accent, smiles and laughter altogether. If you’ve got an accent different from hers or different from what is obtainable in the environment, do not bother about that, she may end up preferring yours to that other one. Another hint I’ll drop here is that it’s wonderful to know how to use and also control gap fillers while speaking to make your speech flow with ease. It’ll be a turn off if you are constantly stuttering and faltering by using lots of “uhm, ah, ehm, you know, that is, as in,” or wrong grammar in your speeches.

8. Grooming


When I say grooming, it encompasses a lot of things but I’ll love to make one of them a priority, in fact, the number one. And guess what it is, excellent oral hygiene! Please make sure it’s not oozing some offensives!! Or else, the date’ll definitely be the first and the last!!! Then come the others: your hair, beards, nails, under arms, clothes, body scent and general cleanliness and outlook. We, ladies are basically more meticulous than the guys when it comes to cleanliness, so u gotta work hard to meet up with expectations. Personal hygiene is the very basic requirement of sexual attractiveness and if a woman notices any lack in that, you are unlikely to be able to make it up any other way.

9. You and Others


Ladies are always quick to notice how guys relate with their environment. This includes how they treat others, how they move through a crowd, how they drive through the heavy traffic, etc. For example, while moving in a crowd, waving to her like you’re being electrocuted is no way to signal you’ve arrived. Nor is pushing people out of the way to reach the bar. Rather command a presence by sauntering through the room with a relaxed air and gentility. Also, if you are kind to her while treating others like animals she’ll just conclude you are pretending and will soon lash out on her in the long run. You are not expected to be a too good weakling, rather, being friendly and considerate in your judgement is just OK.

10. Guys, Your Spending Habit Matters a Lot!


One of the most important things ladies notice in guys on a first date is how he handles money. Almost everywhere men are expected to pay on the first date and usually during the early stages of dating too. It is only when you are and your partner have begun to get comfortable with each other that she may offer to split or pay on a date. It’s true that your girl would love it if you spend on her and make her feel good but don’t forget, most sensible ladies hate heavy and senseless spenders. Even if you’ve got the cash, don’t be a fool by getting everything you set your eyes on for her. It will definitely not give a goo information about your spending habit because she’ll assume you’ll pass the same careless habit to other areas of life and not necessarily on her a lone. Another thing, while paying up, don’t show off with your six credit cards or brag about how grand a dinner you treated her to. Apart from the fact that this is bad manners, you will come off as a jerk.