MUST READ FOR GUYS: Top 10 Things You Must Know About Women Before Saying “I Do”

Women are beautiful and lovely creatures specially created by God for the happiness of mankind. All the same, getting about them could be difficult at times. According to studies, the psychology of women is way more complicated than that of men. This is why it takes a lot of knowledge to live happily with them. Without the necessary knowledge, you may find them confusing.

It may even get as bad as thinking that something is wrong with them – nothing is actually wrong, you only need to understand some facts before hooking up with them. And mind you, marriage is a more serious business than dating or a mere relationship where everything seems to be so rosy.

Here are 10 things you must digest before getting married to your dream woman. 

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1. We Scarcely Understand Ourselves – But We Need You To Understand Us

This may sound strange but its one of  the most important things you need to know about women. Most of the times, they seem not to understand the reason behind every action they take, especially the nasty ones. A woman may not know why she cries or reacts the way she does to certain issues. She just wishes you(the man) understands that she is a woman and is just like that. And that’s all you need to understand – ‘that she is a woman and is just like that and should be accepted that way’.

2. We Don’t Like Saying it all – We Expect You To Read Our Minds

Women love it most when you could detect what they want or need by mere observation. We find it difficult to spell it all out. And if you always force us to, we don’t feel good about it. We appreciate it most when you know when we need to be asked how we are feeling, when we need a helping hand, a kiss, new outfits, compliments, reassurance, etc. If you learn this, you’ll make the best out of your woman and have the best relationship.

listen-to her

3. We May Know it – But We Need Constant Reassurance

Because a woman’s emotion is constantly fluctuating, she needs your feedback from time to time to feel certain. Don’t fret about having to say or do the same things over and over again because she really needs it to give out her best. A typical instance is this: She may know she’s beautiful but she needs to hear it from you time and again. She doesn’t just want to know, “Am I beautiful?” but, “Am I beautiful to him?” There may be many mirrors in your home, but the mirror that means most to your wife is you.

4. Being Listened to is a Top Priority

Men, we don’t want or need your solution to the problem. We do want you to understand how we’re feeling about the problem and identify with us in that feeling—“Thanks for sharing that with me” or “I’m so sorry that happened” would be good words to consider saying to us. We feel great if only you can just listen to us!

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5. Our Maintenance is More Expensive than Yours – Deal With It

Women always need plenty of wears! Having the right size of heels to go with that long black dress is important. Having the latest brown boots from that important Italian fashion house so that the legs look great in that new black dress is important. Whilst all these might seem ridiculous to a Man, it is top priority to a woman. A woman’s hairdo could take as good as five times the cost of her husband’s and more, depending on her taste. So you need to accept this too. It’s just the way we are and we can’t help it.


6. Forget the Polish and Finishing Touches – Women also Fart!

Ladies do well to appear glamorous most of the time but don’t be carried away by those public appearances if you intend spending the rest of your life with one because women also sweat, fart and shit! Once in a while, for one reason or the other, your beautiful angel may appear unkempt or smelly. You are fore-warned so you don’t throw her out at the first of such experience!

7. Our Financial Lives Differs Too

It is good you sort out financial issues with your ‘would-be’ before tying the knot. This is because your lifestyle when it comes to money may differ. One person may be liberal while the other is frugal. Most of the time, the men take the latter trait, so don’t be quick to tag your wife “extravagant”.

8. We Need Lots of Love and Affection – Emotional Security

Women need plenty of love and affection. They may not border about other things but emotional security is their priority. Feeling emotionally connected and close to you; knowing you are there for her, no matter what, is what really matters. Men typically enjoy connecting through sex, however for the vast majority of women, sex alone is not enough— a gaping void remains. She craves an emotional connection, not just a physical one.


9. Women are Ever-Changing – So Keep Up

We are constantly changing; it’s in our nature as human beings and as women. So you can’t expect the woman you marry to stay the same exact person for the next 50 years. Just expect the changes as you go through life together and be ready to accommodate and tolerate them.


10. Don’t Forget the Monthly Cycle – Thats Just Wicked!

You may be surprised to see how pensive or mean your lovely wife appears just because she’s got her monthly flow. While it varies from woman to woman, some people’s case could be worrying – they may appear monstrous or way down moody. No need to worry because it passes in a short while and you have your angel back. What she needs is just your love and support during the short ‘trying’ period.