You Must See These Stunning Ghanaian Traditional Wedding Cakes; They’re Exceptional!

There are so many things that add colour and life to special celebrations. Cake is one of them. Whenever people come for wedding ceremonies, they are always eager to see the wedding cake. Cake makers and designers have so much advanced in this special business to the extent that sometimes, you will see a creation that will leave your jaw dropping. You’ll keep wondering if its actually cake or a rare work of an artist. Ghanaians are also utilizing their artistic cake making skills to show off their cultural heritage and their love for beauty. As this years festive period approaches, check out these awesome Ghanaian Traditional Wedding Cakes and see the ones you could use or recommend for friends and family.

The Kente Combination


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Sikadwa and Kente Mixture


Ntoma Design


Calabash Cake


Talking Drum and Water pot Cake


Gye Nyame Adinkra Symbol Design

Traditional Wedding Cakes

Other Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Cakes