2016 List of 100 Most Influential Creatives Released; Sarkodie Named

C. Hub magazine has just released the 2016 List of the 100 Most influential Creatives; April – June issue and we bring you vital information on the publication as gathered from bjrlivefm.

Recognising the importance of creativity, coupled with the power of social media, you can no longer put people in just one box and define them. More and more people are now thinking and living outside the long familiar definition, and they’re out influencing their circle with their own unchecked imaginations.

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These are the people challenging what you’ve known for ages, challenging the stereotypes, challenging the norms and creating their own reality . Their reality which resonates with the needs of people around them. They’re the new leaders of our time, the influencers.

Years back if you heard ‘influential’ , you probably would start listing all the media famous names and ‘world leaders’, – position or status leaders. One good thing about this era is, such definitions of influence are being challenged.

C. Hub magazine understands the principles of maximising smallness and the principles of authenticity, creativity and vision , and has tailored this year’s most influential again based on the fact that these individuals are maximising resources around them to create powerful ripple effects that are changing lives, using the power of their gifting , vision and creativity. This however is an inexhaustible list as we continue to research to update the list of those influencing our time. Power to your imagination. Meet your 2016 most influential creatives as compiled by us and our contributors.

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Come out of the box, and let your imagination take the lead and #Keepwalking.

We bring you some of the names that may matter to you contained in the list but in no particular order:

JOURDAN DUNN – Model and fashion icon.

AKON – Making positive impact.

A US – Senegalese Rapper is not only continuously uplifting people with his music but also walking walk by opening doors of opportunity in America and Africa. Determined to reach out for his roots, determined to transform his people positively Akon wants to show us that leadership comes from within: “Personally, I don’t think that charities in Africa really work,” “I think it just holds the people down longer than it should.” On lighting Africa, he says: “ If you want to make an impact, start from the rural areas because that is the heartbeat of Africa. Leading by example, he has launched an initiative aim at developing an innovative solar-powered solution that will provide electricity in rural areas. The difference with being a leader is that you take the first step. Leadership begins with you.

SERENA WILLIAMS – Tell me, there are billions of reasons why people love Serena Williams but none is as powerful and enduring to my heart and mind than her drive to change the face of tennis forever. She has the credibility, motivated,energized and committed. She inspired my generation, and next generation with her talent. Kudos to her! As the world No.1 who cherishes her roots and proud of her heritage, she is not only motivating Africans but building schools such as Serena Williams Secondary school in Matooni, Kenya. On the latest row, Serena frowns at Novak Djokovic urging him to explain why male player deserved more money than their female counterparts. Serena continues to have positive influence on women and men throughout the whole world and she is admired for her talent and courage.

DUPSY ABIOLA – A city girl with her mega bucks left her juicy career as lawyer to start her own business. In 2010 Dupsy founded ‘Intern Avenue’ “to give young people more opportunities to understand what might be a good fit for them and to empower employers not to be a slave to the system.” In her word: “I won’t pretend that it wasn’t a big decision” The ability and willing to change a life is what counts in leadership. Taking responsibility for the quality of leadership people experience regardless of your status, age, sex and race is what inspires people to follow a leader.

AKUA GYAMFI – Award winning journalist and Founder of the British blacklist, Akua is the UK’s no.1 sought after correspondence for diversity in the arts sectors.

DR CLARE ANYIAM-OSIGWE (nee Eluka) – Multi-award winning Founder of 2 pioneering brands: Premae and JoClarePr, Clare believes in changing the world once face at a time whilst helping new businesses find their market position in their industries.

SARKODIE – All of us are aware of the waves our own Sarkodie has been making in the world of entertainment and creativity in recent times. His fame is now cutting across the African continent and beyond. His recent Indigo 02 Concert was one that got many tongues moving about the talented Ghanaian rapper across the globe. We need to encourage him the more to make more positive impact in our dear country and the world at large.

More names:

  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Mo Farah
  • John Boyega
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Usain Bolt
  • Anthony Abuah
  • Niyi Towolawi
  • Lupita Nyong’o
  • Sade Adu
  • Dorothy Ghettuba
  • Mark Zukerberg
  • Bassey Ikpi
  • Chimamanda Adichie
  • Bola Agbaje
  • Amma Asante