10 Most Handsome and Magnetic Ghanaian Radio Presenters

I must confess that we have been cheating the guys all these while by giving all the concentration to the female celebrities. Its time to correct this imbalance because we don’t only have female stars who are charming and admirable to the menfolk, we equally have very handsome celebs who I describe as ‘magnetic’ to the womenfolk.

See the 10 Most Handsome, Magnetic and Sought-after Ghanaian Radio Presenters of our time:

1. Bola Ray – Starr FM


Nathan Kwabena Adisi aka Bola Ray is the CEO of both Star FM in Accra, and Empire Entertainments. He is actually in the list of the most influential personalities in Ghana. He is handsome, rich and cool. I bet you don’t know that his nick name “Bola Ray” is actually a coinage from his rare qualities, which are: Brilliant.Outstanding.Loving.Affable, Religious.And.Youthful. This name was given to him by his classmates during his days in Accra secondary school.

2. Kwami Sefa Kayi – Peace FM


Kwame Sefa Kayi is arguably one of the best presenters and the finest morning show host in Ghana. He can boast of fifteen years of solid experience in the media. He moved from Radio Gold 90.5 FM some years back alongside other presenters to the station with a vision, Peace FM.The popular “kokrokoo”(6:30-10:00 am) host has the opportunity as a gateway to establishing himself as one of Ghana’s finest voices on radio. He is humble, huge and handsome; a wonderful combination of features that keep ladies stealing glances.

3. Black Boy – Y FM


Ladies are dying for his smooth and silky voice. His success and good looks are also drawing attentions to him.

4. Kwame Farkye – Live FM


Popularly known as Mr. Swift, Kwame Farkye is a man of style. His voice is regarded as the ‘sexiest’ on the airwaves. He’s also got the good looks.

5. Abeiku Santana – Okay FM


He is the topmost presenter at Okay Fm. He’s well known for being plain and direct. Of course you’ll agree with me that every lady wants a straightforward fellow. He’s also handsome and therefore one of the ladies’ favorite.