Have you ever heard some of the weirdest  names that make you want to cry out in heavy laughter and make you wonder just “what the heck were they thinking?” Well, I have and am quite sure you have too, lol…. These names do indeed sound very funny and weird, that it is quite unbelievable to think that people, cities and even babies bear these names.  Though the bearer might not see anything wrong with it, in some other languages the meaning can be so ugly and bad. I just wonder what was in the mind of those that gave these names, but the fact is that these names have come a long way and people still go by them. When it comes to parents naming their children, we can’t exactly blame the children for the name given by their parents. We only rue what they might experience when they get much older and have to face the constant teasing from friends for a long time in their lives.

Be it a child’s name, business name or any other name needing entity, there really needs to be a little research done on the names before using it else it might just come back to bite you in unexpected places. For your pleasure and laughs, we have searched extensively to thus bring you some of the weirdest and most awkward names you can come across. Enjoy!

Here are some weirdest names you’ve ever heard.

Weirdest Baby Girl Names

As funny as most of the names on this list may sound, they actually hot back in the day. However, hope you are not caught with such names in this day and age, you will be so sorry and might just hate your parent…

1. Agape

2. Cheska

3. Chia

4. Aggie

5. Amore

6. Cyan

7. Elowen

8. Esty

9. Audi

10. Gitty

11. Harbor

12. Harpa

13. Merci

14. Monet

15. Holiday

16. Hyacinth

17. Juju

18. Kapri

19. Kutty

20. Lark

21. Lynix

22. Mahogany

23. Melrose

24. Neo

25. Nisan

26. Stormie

27. Tempest

28. Nivea

29. Nixon

30. Pixie

31. Portia

32. Moon

33. Heavenleigh

34. Hennessy

35. Posey

36. Quorra

37. Rhythm

38. Seneca

39. Sephora

40. Royce

41. Saffron

42. Sparrow

43. Zeek

44. uly

45. Tymber

46. Violina

47. Salima

48. Sea

49. Yolo

50. Zani

Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names


Now, we understand that most celebrities are big on being unique, standing out and all that, but do we have to get the babies involved. Interestingly, a good number of celebrity baby names are created and trademarked. While some are gotten right, others are just plain awkward!!! Here are some of them.

51. North West

52. Apple

53. Poppy Honey

54. Daisy Boo

55. Rocket Ayer

56. Sage Moonblood

57. Blue Angel

58. Aurelius

59. Bluebell Madonna

60. Destry

61. Diezel Ky

62. Bronx Mowgli

63. Blue Ivy

64. Zola Ivy

65. Shiloh Nouvel

66. Satchel

67. Kyd

68. Pilot Inspektor

69. Kal-El

70. Jermajesty

71. Diva Muffin

72. Dweezil

73. Moon Unit

Weirdest City Names


Hmmm, can it get any weirder than some of the city names currently in existence? Well, these names are an epitome of someone’s twisted mind and most of these names were given way back before any major development or civilization kicked in. We are sure if the people who named some of these cities were alive they would definitely cover their faces in utter shame. “MiddelFart”… Really!

74. Monkey’s Eyebrow, KY

75. Fish Haven, ID

76. Hippo, KY

77. Horseheads, NY

78. Bee Lick, KY

79. Bird-in-Hand, PA

80. Buttermilk, KS

81. Cheesequake, NJ

82. Chocolate Bayou, TX

83. Goodfood, MS

84. Birds Eye, IN

85. Black Gnat, KY

86. Goose Pimple Junction, VA

87. Parrot, KY

88. Shoofly, NC

89. Turkey, TX

90. Bigfoot, TX

91. Bowlegs, OK

92. Hungry Horse, MT

93. Sugar City, ID

94. Tea, SD

95. Shoulderblade, KY

96. Stiffknee Knob, NC

97. Sweet Lips, TN

98. West Thumb, WY

99. Tortilla Flat, AZ

100. Two Egg, FL

Weirdest band Names


We definitely love our favourite bands but sometimes in their attempts to be cool, they end up going overboard especially with their group names. Best believe it, most of them are just plain silly.

101. Paisley Brain Cells

102. Pansy Division

103. Moist Fist

104. Fix My Head

105. Flaming Anus

106. Flaming Buttmonkeys

107. Flopping Bodybags

108. Circle Jerks

109. Clam Abuse

110. The Cooters

111. Big Dead Fish

112. Big Dumb Dick

113. Big Stupid Guitars

114. Big White Undies

115. Adolph Hitler’s Nipples

116. Agnes Morehead

117. Killer Pussy

118. Dancing Cigarettes

119. Dancing French Liberals

120. Dead Kennedys

121. The Elvis Diet

122. Elvis Hitler

123. Alabama Thunder Pussy

124. Alcoholocaust

125. Kenfunky Fried

126. Killer Kiwis

127. Emily’s Sassy Lime

128. Ethyl Meatplow

129. The Most Sordid Pies

130. Mother’s Mistake

131. Linoleum Blownapart

132. Lipstick Sandwich

133. Part Time Christians

Weirdest Last Names


Now, someone please give this child a pacifier,  we understand how you feel. Whoever gave you such a name truly needs rehab.

134. Ruber Fagot

135. Anurag Dikshit

136. Ben Dova

137. Batman Bin Suparman

138. Kim Yoo Suk

139. Chew Kok

140. Dr. Richard Chopp

141. Uranius Johnson

142. Destinee Hooker

143. Dick Tips

144. Willie Stroker

145. Mister Love

146. Oliver Loser

147. Dickie Head

148. DR Pornsak

149. Woody Held

150. Dick Assman