Ridiculous Wrong Spellings

Often times, we see posters or inscriptions that will leave you wondering if dictionaries were stowed away from the graphic designers and the owners of the flyers or banners. From misspelling small words to even more complex words thereby ruining the main purpose of getting their advert or message out there because of blunders. Let us remind you that  English is not our native language. But we have to be very careful with whatever we are doing with this borrowed tongue. If you are not sure of the correct spelling or usage of a particular word, please ask someone who you think is better off. Some would argue that it is absolutely normal for humans to make mistakes forgetting that it is also human to make fun of such mistakes.  Some of these vendors below will remind you the need to crosscheck your text or inscriptions before getting it out there.

Most Ridiculous Write-ups Spotted Around Ghana:

“Groly” for “Glory”, what a random swapping! This is what happens when you buy a car you never imagined you could afford. It will take a blind person not to notice the swap.


The advertiser obviously was more concerned about getting men to seek after his solution that he forgot to even write their problem correctly. Well, if you have “Pour ejaculation” or Sexual “Weekness” caused either by aging or masturbation, you may want to find this advertiser. Keep in mind that he absolutely does not treat “Poor” ejaculation or sexual“Weakness”.


We don’t know what was on the writer’s mind. Maybe the truck is meant for “ascending hills” or for “carrying loads”. But whoever wrote it wanted to emphasize that the care was meant for “hilling” and nothing more. So please patronize him if you want a car that is for hilling.


Always be mindful of where you park your car! This private property owner is not joking. He will make you become a “TOAD” if you park in his space. You don’t want to return to your family as a toad, do you?.


So unfortunate, the “D” went to the market and was crushed by a truck. And to think they used four children in the picture makes it all the more ridiculous.


Beware! With this kind of spelling, you’re sure to get a stool when you asked for a table or you get a table for a cupboard. Just know you are not getting what you ask for.


The owner wanted to tell God how much he trusts Him but because he was probably lying he wrote “thrust”. Now we don’t know what he would use to thrust Him through, a spear or an arrow?


Why not tell us you’re into human trafficking?  If you know any Richard better check on him. It’s possible he is in one of these containers waiting to be sold.


What a contradiction. Beware water is now inflammable especially the kind of water supplied by this truck. The owner probably wants to recreate the Elijah vs Prophets of Baal’s Combat with the water.


Here, the owners repair and sell Isosceles triangle. Don’t be fooled to think its ACCESSORIES they’re actually selling.


I guess this is Bansi’s parents. Poor child didn’t know he has been Bansing since his birth. What were they thinking when they chose“Bansing” for “Bouncing”, what the heck!


When you are so eager to sound a warning and you end up making a mess of the warning. Don’t know if we should focus on the warning or on the “one houses” that is up for rent. This kind of house can even confuse your destiny when living in it.


What do you expect? Is there any business a vulture has got to do with a barber? How can you spell school correctly when you’ve never been to school?


If school children would spell “Nest in place of Next”, and the teachers don’t see anything wrong with it then who are we to say otherwise?


Now there are fuel stations in Ghana where people don’t come to fill their car fuel tanks but to pour out their feelings, perhaps!.


This is a place for you if you are a mail or femail. But if you are a male or female, you could check the next door.