Life Imprisonment Looming for 17-Year-Old Girl Who Raped Man at Knife Point!

A sentence of life in jail is actually lurking around the corner for a 17-year-old Michigan girl who forced a man, 19 to have sex with her at knife point.

As the world grows older, every new day comes with new stories, mostly of very bizarre incidents that hitherto have been unheard of. It happened in the town of Saginaw, Central Michigan, that a girl, Lestina Marie Smith aged 17, forced a guy of 19 to have sex with her at knife point.

It was reported that the girl pulled a knife at her victim, forcing him to have both oral and vaginal sex with her.

Following the incident which reportedly took place on January 11, Marie Smith was arraigned in court on January 17, for charges of two felony counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Reports reveal that despite being a minor (because of her age), any of the charges is possible to earn Ms. Smith a life imprisonment sentence. She is currently in custody at the Saginaw County Jail.

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Meanwhile, the identity of her victim has been withheld owing to the fact that the case involves sexual abuse.