Where Are The Remaining 84 MMT Buses? – MP Agyarko Asks Gov’t

The New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament for the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency, Emmanuel Kyeremateng Agyarko is demanding that the government gives account of 84 buses which was left out of the supposed 200 Metro Mass Transit, MMT buses mapped out for re-branding’

According to the MP, government was supposed to import 200 buses with a $40 million loan but instead only 116 were brought into the country.

Speaking on Citi FM’s News Analysis Programme, ‘The Big Issue’, the MP commended the pressure groups for their resolve in following the matter to its logical conclusion but urged them to make more intensive inquiries into the procurement of the buses. While claiming that government went for a loan of 40 million dollars to procure 200 buses, he pointed out that it has become pertinent for OccupyGhana to go beyond the branding and begin to look at those buses themselves. He urged the pressure group to find out why the remaining 84 buses have not come in yet, since it is only 116 that has been re-branded.

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Continuing, the MP confidently said he can provide the parliamentary report on his claims. Buttressing his points, Mr Agyarko said that the amount claimed to have been spent on the importation of the buses is quite ‘ridiculous’. This is because, if 200 buses go for $40 million as government claimed, it means that one is put at a whopping price of $200,000.

Background Story on the MMT Buses Branding Deal

Government’s decision to spend a prodigal sum of Ghc3.6 million on re-branding just 116 MMT buses, has been raising a lot of dusts among the populace since last year.

However, some zealous individuals and groups have decided not just to raise an eyebrow over the issue, but are also bent on pursuing it until justice prevails.

Among these is the popular pressure group, OccupyGhana, who has vowed to take the matter to any length to ensure that all underlying truths concerning the scandalous contract are unraveled.

To achieve their aim, the group had filed a suit against the government, which is aimed at compelling them to release an investigative report the Attorney General conducted on the matter.

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Meanwhile, based on instructions of the court, several documents on the deal have been released to the group for vetting. Among other findings, it was discovered that the contract agreement between Government and the Smarttys Management for the branding of 116 MMT buses, that cost the tax payer Ghc3.6 million was only a one-page document. Also, in the one-page document, it emerged that among several flaws in the contract, the then Transport Minister, Dzifa Attivor, who resigned after the scandal broke out, did not have her signature on the contract.

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