6,000 Duplicated, Back-Dated Teachers’ Documents Detected By Auditor General’s Department

According to reports, duplicated, and back-dated documents of teachers have been discovered by the Auditor General’s Department and about 6,000 have been rejected for this reason. These documents were earlier submitted by Ghana Education Service (GES) for the validity and verification for the processing of teachers’ arrears payment. But some of these documents were found to be either duplicates or back-dated.

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At the moment, the Auditing department is validating documents submitted by the teachers’ unions for the payment of the over two years salary arrears. But this discovery will of course slow down the validation process for the payment of these teachers’ salary arrears which they have been agitating to receive from the government.

The Director of Payroll at the Auditor General’s Department, Ben Tandoh, expressed how serious the case of duplication or back dating is in a recent statement;

Backdating is fraudulent because it has an element of unearned salary and it is not only unearned salary, we must remember that Government pays 13 percent as employee’s contribution to the social security on your behalf”, he said.

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He said that it was fraudulent for some teachers to back date their documents because it is a move to swindle the government into paying them what they have not worked for.

Stating the specifics, he continued that;

GES gave us 34,000 plus but when we had the actual hard copies it is about 36, 000 and we have been able to flush out 6000 which are duplicates.”

Mr Tandoh then explained that the documents would be handed over to the Finance Ministry and that the culprits would not go unpunished.

Just Last week, GES revealed a discovery that over 400 teachers had fake certificates. This led to the validation process by the Auditor General’s Department. GES Director General Jacob Kor, had said that out of 14,575 input forms that were initially submitted by teachers for processing and payment, only 6,268 were found to be attached with genuine documents. According to the GES, this has been the major cause of the delay in teachers’ payments.

But the teachers’ unions jointly decried the discovery saying they were not to blame rather the GES who oversees the recruiting process. They however, called for the arrest of Mr. Kor.

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