What are the things Ghanaian guys look out for whenever they sight a lady? For the maidens looking for the man of their dream, the answers to the question would go a long way in facilitating a focus on the things that matter in term of attracting the perfect mate.

It is a well-known fact that guys always want a beautiful lady, but below are the unique things that easily grab their attention and make them go haywire. You can learn them today, work on them and be counted among the blessed and most admired!

1. A Genuine and Contagious Smile


Don’t ever think that you can fake it. A real smile is the finest make-up you can think of wearing; it works like a magnet, draws guys to you who can’t help but smile along with you. A Ghanaian guy would never wish to end a conversation or date with you if you’ve got this great treasure. The more you smile, the deeper he falls in love with you. It doesn’t matter if he’s stressed out at work, stuck in traffic, or just bored scrolling through Instagram, a Ghanaian man loves to see the woman in his life smiling, laughing, and having a good time. And even more, he loves to be the source of that smile. Try this out today and witness amazing results; you’d be surprised to learn there’s such power in smiling.

2. Beautiful and Stylish Coiffure


There is a general saying that the hair is the glory and beauty of a woman. Well, we wouldn’t say this is false. But then, do not ever get yourself into believing it’s all about sporting a fine hairdo, it must be the perfect one for you. It must look right and attractive, here’s the underlying principle – no beauty, no glory. 

Ghanaian guys can really tell if a lady has the right hairstyle. If they find a lady’s hairdo stylish from the rear, it would be difficult to convince them that the lady isn’t attractive. Yeah, that’s how it works!

3.  Attractive Eyes


A lady’s eye can do wonders when it comes to attraction. Ghanaian guys always focus attention on the eyes and would so much be pleased if it’s bright and glittering. You may not know this, but you can get any man you want just with your eyes. Wink!

4. Waist-to-Hip Ratio of the Lady


We may not need to emphasize so much on this as we believe every lady here in Ghana knows the role her figure plays when it comes to being noticed by a guy. Thin waists and broader hips are usually associated with fertility as well as sexual pleasure and prowess, which are among the things every guy desires. So, if you’ve not got it right with the fat amassed in the wrong places, off you go to work now!

5. Skin Glow and Texture of the Lady


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration for anyone to assert that Ghanaian ladies are blessed with wonderful skin tone and texture. Having said that, it is important to as well stress that the fine skin needs to be cared for and maintained. Whatever the color, Ghanaian guys are attracted to a spotless, smooth, and glowing skin. This doesn’t mean you should bleach out the soul of your skin.

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6. The Pitch of Your Voice


If you have met a woman with a manly voice, you’ll definitely understand why we included this. Hardly will you come across a Ghanaian guy who would cherish talking with ‘a fellow man’. They always enjoy that musical and feminine voice; it is one of the things that grab their attention. A manly voice is a huge turn off so please start tuning your voice up.

7. Sitting and Walking Postures


The way you are sitting the moment a guy spots you can tell a lot about your personality. It’s good to cultivate very feminine and confident sitting and walking postures.