7,000 Nurses Go On Strike Today Over Unpaid Salaries

It’s a nurses no-show today as about 7,000 nurses have gone on strike over unpaid salaries of some months.

The Coalition of unpaid Nurses and Midwives are today embarking on an indefinite strike as a result of their persistent cry to the government being unheard. According to them, they have pleaded with the government to no avail over their unpaid salaries. This obviously adds to the ongoing instability in the labour sector.

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The nurses are lamenting that they have remained calm and rendered their services all these years due to discussions, promises and reassurances from the government, but was surprised to hear a claim from the government that all their arrears have been paid. The leader of the body, Douglas Adu-Fokuo revealed that after frequent visits regarding negotiations with the government, it was discovered that only 30 percent of their members were paid.

”We the Coalition kept quiet on this issue and started a survey to collate data. Surprisingly, only 30 percent of the 7,000 were paid,” he said.

The nurses and midwives who form the Coalition of Unpaid Nurses and Midwives, had lamented that efforts to get the government to pay them all their outstanding salaries and benefits have not yielded any results. Mr Douglas said that the strike is expected to move the government to pay their debts.

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These nurses and midwives had threatened to go on strike if the government did not pay their outstanding salaries and arrears by January 31. They had been assured by the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Haruna Iddrisu, that they would be settled but the government has not kept its word.

However, it seems the nurses did finally keep to their word on the issue. There was also a one week strike staged by them in October 2015 which was later called off after the government’s assurance to pay them.