A Plus and Asenso: War of Words Between Musician and Deputy Chief of Staff Heightens

A Plus and Asenso war of words might turn out to be a long-lasting trend on social media…

Fearless, controversial, and outspoken musician Kwame A Plus and Deputy Chief of Staff Asenso-Boakye have been trending on various media platforms lately, for political reasons.

For Kwame A Plus, an act of corruption or unfairness should be treated as a public issue and not confidential.

It all started when the musician took to social media to attack Asenso-Boakye and colleague Deputy Chief of Staff Samuel Abu Jinapor by tagging them as “thieves” and “corrupt arrogant fools”.

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His claim followed a directive President Akufo-Addo gave to the security agencies to investigate corruption allegations made against any of his officials.

While addressing members of his party at their annual National Delegates Conference in Cape Coast on Saturday, Nana Addo gave the security agencies a directive to investigate any official within his administration who will be accused of corruption.

Kwame A Plus while commending the New Patriotic Party (NPP) after the conference, lodged a verbal attack of the two deputy chiefs of staff appointed by President Nana Addo describing them as corrupt officials who are scheming swindle the country.

...It’s amazing how Nana was able to appoint thieves whose level of stupidity is the same. Arrogant and corrupt fools. You think you’ll be in power forever.

A Plus who declared his support for then candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo during the 2016 electioneering campaign and contributed to the victory of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) through his craft, wondered why the two personalities were appointed to serve in government.

I’m not Intimidated by Your Attacks – Deputy Chief of Staff to A Plus

A Plus and Asenso
A Plus and Asenso: Deputy Chief of Staff Asenso-Boakye

However, it was not one of those episodes where Kwame A Plus ‘insults’ a politician and gets away with it. Kwame this time around met a fighter who would not just sit while he is insulted.

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Mr. Asenso-Boakye in a very long and comprehensive post rebuked the musician for trying to disrepute his image. He denied scheming to swindle the country and accused A Plus of developing a “nauseating sense of entitlement” which does not speak well of him.

The Deputy Chief of Staff wondered why A Plus, a staunch supporter of President Nana Addo would question the President’s judgment.

Indulging in baseless accusations and unsubstantiated claims of corruption and arrogance is beneath you and frankly discredits you in the eyes of right thinking Ghanaians. Part of his post read.

However fearless A Plus who was not finished yet took to Facebook yet again to call out the Deputy Chief of Staff. In a bid to expose him, he asked Mr. Asenso-Boakye to tell Ghanaians what he feels his (A Plus ) grudge is against him.

Nonetheless, Ghanaians still have their ears to the ground as they wait for the next A Plus and Asenso episode.