Abedi Pele: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Football Legend

If you are a real football or soccer fanatic, then you cannot miss to know Abedi Pele. This Ghanaian legendary footballer was born Abedi Ayew on 5 November 1964 (53 years old). Because of his prowess in soccer, his countrymen named him Pele’ in comparison with the Brazilian footballer named Brazil’s Edson Arantes do Nascimento, also known as Pele’. He was among the most renowned Ghanaian Internationals a few years ago and his talent can still be felt in Ghana as it has trickled down through his three sons: Ibrahim, André and Jordan.

Abedi Pele did not even know of his great footballing skills and his fans started comparing him with the Brazilian legend before he even realised his own capability. The question is what made this wonderful soccer player a legend. There is a forest of reasons depending on how you see it.

Here are 10 Things That Made Abedi Pele a Legendary Footballer

1. Pioneer of African Football in Europe

Playing in the European leagues and championships is the dream of every African footballer. Even after getting a chance, showing that you are worth the position is another challenge that must be overcome. Abedi Pele was among the pioneers of African Football in Europe having played for number of great European club such as Marseille and Lyon among many others. To be exact he played for teams in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and most popularly France. During his time in Europe, he scored so many spectacular goals that are hard to come by even now.


2. He was a Multiple European Cup Winner

The name Abedi Pele is synonymous with cup winning. When playing in Europe, Ayew helped his European clubs bag a number of cups, trophies as well as titles. He helped lead the French league team Olympique de Marseilles to its first ever European championship in 1993 after scoring winning goals. Just to appreciate his prowess in cup winning, Abedi Pele was accorded the award of “man of the match” in Marseille’s relic UEFA Champions League final win over Milan in 1993. There are many instances when he was the one to score the deciding goal.