Not Satisfied? Provide EC With the NHIS Registrants List! – Chief Justice Dares Abu Ramadan

The Supreme Court Chief Justice has challenged Abu Ramadan to provide NHIS registrants list for the EC if he is not satisfied with the one already provided by the Commission…

The Electoral Commission has met the Supreme Court’s deadline which has come and gone. However, some hitches have yet again found their way into the voters’ register case. It happened that when EC presented the apex court with the list of NHIS registrants as ordered, the plaintiff, Abu Ramadan of People’s National Convention (PNC), argued the authenticity of the list.

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The EC presented 56,000 names as a full list of the people who registered with NHIS cards, but lawyers for Abu Ramadan questioned the credibility of the list. Lead lawyer for the plaintiff, Frank Davies, during the proceeding objected that the list is an incomplete one, as there are more people who registered with NHIS cards in some areas, but were not captured by the EC.

Ramadan to Provide NHIS Registrants List for EC

Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood has therefore, challenged Abu Ramadan, to provide the EC with names of people who registered with NHIS cards ahead of the 2012 elections, since it claims the EC’s figure of 56,000 is trumped-up. The Chief Justice pointed out that providing a credible register for the elections should not be the sole responsibility of the EC. She therefore challenged Ramadan to provide NHIS registrants list for the commission.


Supreme Court had on May 5 ordered the EC to expunge names of ‘unqualified persons’ from the voters’ register following the suit filed by Abu Ramadan against the commission. But the EC seemed reluctant towards carrying out the order, as it interpreted it differently, saying that court did not order for the deletion of the names.

Following the EC’s reluctance, Abu Ramadan returned to court to seek clarification on the ruling. Consequent to this development, the Supreme Court on June 23, issued an ultimatum to the EC, giving it a period of six days to provide a full list of persons who registered with NHIS cards as a form of identification, to enable it bring closure to the matter. It also ordered that the EC provides it with a detailed plan on how they will carry out the process of deletion and re-registration of the same people.

On Wednesday June 30, the commission submitted the document which it captured on a CD, at the Supreme Court Registry. But it appears the case is far from closing, as the plaintiff is still not satisfied with the outcome. The supreme court might just succeed in making Abu Ramadan provide NHIS registrants.