Back To Court? You’ll Be Baffled by Abu Ramadan’s Next Move Over EC’s Court Disobedience

Like Zanetor’s case, we are really hoping Abu Ramadan Vs EC case does not last longer than expected. According to reports, Abu Ramadan who is the Former National Youth organizer of the Peoples National Convention, (PNC) would return to the Supreme Court to seek clarity on its May 5 ruling on the voters register.

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The Supreme court had on May 5 ruled for the deletion of names of persons who used National Health Insurance Cards as proof of identity in the voters’ register. But it seems there has been a vague controversy arising from the apex court’s ruling to the EC over the deletion of names.

The EC days after the ruling had stated that names of persons who registered under NHIS would not be deleted, hence disobeying the supreme court rule. EC had claimed that the Supreme Court’s order did not ask it to remove names of voters who used the NHIS card to register prior to the 2012 elections.

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But Abu Ramadan who spoke to Citi News said that he will file a case on the issue at the apex court. Mr Ramadan said he would ask court to repeat its ruling for it to be clear to the public and most especially, the commission.


Abu Ramadan had filed a suit at the supreme court praying it to rule for the compilation of a new voters’ register as the current one is inaccurate and contains names of ineligible voters. The apex court on May 5 ruled among others, that the commission should remove names of persons who registered using the NHIS cards.

But, according to Ramadan, the commission appears to have its own interpretation of the ruling, as it has refused to carry out the orders as stipulated by court. The plaintiff whom of course was not pleased with the commission’s decision to disobey the orders, said he would sue all seven electoral commissioners. He said that their actions amounts to high crime and that he will ensure the EC obeys supreme court’s ruling