Accra Floods: 2 Year-old Missing… See How Bad It has Gone

As Accra floods continue to heighten, more bizarre things continue to happen. It has been reported that a two-and-a-half year old baby girl has been swept away by the aggressive floods. The Accra floods caused by the heavy rains on Thursday morning reportedly swept Kyerera Sharon at Tema Site 7.

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According to the baby’s mother Christiana Obenewaa, she was cooking outside, and left her baby indoors due to the rain but was later informed by her neighbour that her baby had fallen into a nearby drain. Accompanied by some others they searched for missing Kyerera to no avail. They even went as far as to Tema New Town but could not find the baby.

National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) have begun a search for the missing girl, but so far there are no leads as to where she might be.

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Accra floods heighten
Accra floods heighten

The rains in Accra was heavy and unstoppable on Thursday morning, creating a hazardous and bizarre scene in the city. Several parts of Accra have flooded heavily following the rains. Cars and properties of people have been seen swallowed by the flood waters. At Odawna-Sahara, a suburb of Accra, some nursery kids were trapped by flood waters in their school.

Also at Sahara, most buildings have almost been covered by the flood waters, including the nursery school, the Rapid Results Day Care Centre. The students were said to be almost trapped inside, before a joint police and military team arrived to intervene on the situation.

Accra floods3

It has gone bad, and the people are hoping something is done to control the floods. Many commuters who were on their way to work, had to seek refuge on high ground. Several cars also parked, and most people sought refuge on higher grounds.