Acid Bath: Upper East NPP Chairman, Adam Mahama’s Life in Danger!

Just yesterday evening, Mr Adama Mahama, the Upper East NPP Chairman received an acid bath from two unidentified individuals for reasons that are still quite unclear.

This incident happened when Adama Mahama was returning from a late night meeting in his car. Two men stopped him, and while he was trying to find out why they stopped him, they poured acid on him from his head to other parts of his body. The substance was so corrosive that it left Mr Mahama’s body in critical condition and at the risk of losing his eyes. It also left the seat of the car rent in pieces. It was his aide, Zakariah Osman that narrated the story. The victim was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment. Reports have it that he’ll soon be transferred to a more standard hospital in Accra for more advanced treatment.


Investigations into the matter have already commenced and so far, the event is alleged to be the aftermath of an earlier conflict between the victim and the National Chairman of the party, Paul Afoko and General Secretary Kwabena Agyapong in  Bolgatanga barely a week ago. It was reported that Regional Chairman, Mahama Adama with some NPP thugs disrupted a meeting between the National Chairman, the General Secretary and 6 constituency executives. According to the allegations, he mobilized the youth to attack the two national leaders, (whom they chased out of the meeting), and the Regional organizer, Jerry Asamani for organizing the meeting without his consent. If not for the timely intervention of the police, the problem would have resulted to something more bloody.

Meanwhile, the Upper East Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Thomas Agbanyo said one of the suspect have been arrested and the other one is on the run. However, the arrested person, whose name was withheld for security purposes is still denying the accusations.