Acid Victim Eric Ohemeng Pens Open Letter Calling For Justice

Acid victim Eric Ohemeng hopes his girlfriend who bathed him with acid, is made to face the law for her crimes…

The sad story of the young man who was gruesomely bathed in acid by his ex girlfriend for jilting her continues. The boy, Eric Ohemeng who smelt the cold hands of death, has demanded for justice to be served against his girlfriend, who still goes about her normal activities freely.

Acid victim Eric Ohemeng, has revealed his long-lasting wish, which is to see that his ex-girlfriend, Esther Enyonam Pekyi is made to face the law and pay for her crimes. We have been made to understand that the lady in question was granted bail unduly and is yet to be prosecuted by the law -a situation which has caused the victim to lament for justice.

How it Happened

To take our minds back to the dreadful incident; here is how it all happened in a nutshell. The incident happened at Madina, Accra, in June 2015 when Eric was in his third year at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). According to a witness -a taxi driver, who had dropped the two off at Madina on June 25, 2015; he had returned to the same spot to see the two in a fight.

Attempts to separate the two had proven futile, as Esther had succeeded in pouring the corrosive substance on Eric; slightly hurting another passer by who was trying to help. According to reports, the acid was a very dangerous one. Esther’s abominable revenge had left Eric’s body in very severe burns which let him in the most pathetic state at the 37 military hospital, where he battled for his life for several months.

Eric was ghastly injured from the acid bath. The attack which caused him to lose an eye, required him to undergo series of surgeries to get his body back to normal. The severity of the damage was so bad that Eric whose genitals were also affected; required three more surgeries, even after undergoing five successful ones.

The family of the victim had solicited for prayers as well as financial assistance from the public to cater for his medical needs; which included getting a hair transplant and other skin grafting procedures. Eric had gotten encouraging response from people including the authorities of GIMPA who donated a cheque of GH10,000 for his medical bills.

Esther’s Arrest

Esther Pekyi had disappeared into thin air following the incident. After various attempts to find her proved futile, the Police intensified their search alongside Citi News and friends and well-wishers of the victim.

Esther was was eventually picked up in February 2016, after CitiFM provided the Police with intelligence leading to her arrest. This was seven months after the gruesome acid attack. Her arrest followed days of planning between CitiFM and a team of Police detectives at the Accra regional Police Command, who were sanctioned by the Regional Commander to make the operation a priority.

However Esther was later granted bail after news of the incident died down.

Eric’s Plea

The victim Eric Ohemeng, has penned down an open letter to Ghanaians calling on everyone to rise up and demand for justice on his behalf. Following Esther’s arrest, the public had tilted their attention on to other topical issues, as the matter was believed to be close to its end. But little did people know the case was far from its closure.

Acid victim Eric Ohemeng
Acid victim Eric Ohemeng

In Eric’s open letter, he lamented over discouraging leniency, on the part of judicial authorities in the handling of the case.

Esther had been kept under custody pending trial process. But according to Eric, although the police per their facts were sure that there was enough evidence for an ‘attempted murder’ charge; the Attorney General’s department preferred a lesser charge of ‘causing harm’ instead.

Esther and Eric Ohemeng
Esther and Eric Ohemeng

The culprit was however granted bail, to Eric’s greatest disappointment. In his letter, he lamented over the fact that Despite the huge evidence against Esther and the available witnesses to his tragedy,;she is allowed to roam about freely.

The acid victim Eric Ohemeng, who has lost confidence in the legal system is calling on people to speak against Esther’s bail. According to him, due to the seeming influence of her family, more attempts are being made to sweep her prosecution under the carpet. The saddened acid victim who is preparing to travel abroad for further treatment, has said he will fight until his last breath to see that justice runs its full course.

Eric Ohemeng hopes to reach every influential individual in the country with his letter.