Kumawood Actor Yaw Dabo Publicly Proclaims That He is Now Rich

Celebrities in the movie industry with special reference to those in the Akan movie industry are not known to be braggadocios about their wealth, in fact most of them don’t even want to appear to have too much of money for security reasons or the like, they would rather prefer to keep their private life off the prying eyes of the media, who are always itchy to know every little bit of thing that goes on with them. However, what seems to be a custom to them was broken by Kumawood Actor Yaw Dabo who publicly proclaimed about how rich he now is.

The venue for his revelation was the Hitz Gallery program on Hitz Fm. He said to host Dr. Pounds that he is now rich and that money is no longer his problem, he further went on to state that he even sometimes gives out money to people seeking loan and gives a minimum of one thousand Ghana Cedis.

The actor who comes from a relatively poor home confessed that the movie industry has changed his life for the better.

According to the actor, his mom was against his choice to become a movie star but now that the money is coming in, his mom can’t help but be proud of her son’s achievements.

He further stated that while in high school, he was no whiz and thus he decided to venture into playing football, but finally, acting seemed to be his calling. “Most of my classmates are now proud to affiliate themselves with me because of my popularity,” said the rich 17 year old actor.

Among the many questions asked by Dr. Pounds was the number of movies he has starred and which is his favorite. Yaw Dabo replied that so far in his career, he has starred in over 50 movies. His favorite is the just released ‘Amakye and Dede’ which features ace and veteran actor Majid Michel and comedian Kalybos.

Comedian Yaw Dabo is also known as Adwen Kessie meaning “big brain” is also an ardent football fan, he owns three football teams which he finances solely. His teams which are in the colts division are in the U-10, 14 and U-17 category. He hopes to help the youngsters develop their talents, he has even gone ahead to seek support from the Ghana Football Association, stating that it is key to developing the country’s stand in world football.