Joselyn Dumas: Ghanaians Trashing Ghallywood Actress for Begging for Roles in Kumawood Movies!

Ghanaians have descended heavily on Ghallywood/Nollywood Actress Joselyn Dumas since after she publicly indicated interest in being cast in Kumawood movies. 

Ace Actress and TV host, Joselyn Dumas in an exclusive interview on Peace FM‘s ‘Entertainment Review’ opened up on being sidelined by Kumawood movie makers; a situation she described as heartbreaking. Speaking during the interview, Actress Joselyn Dumas debunked claims that she has no interest in Kumawood movies. She disclosed that she has severally indicated her interest in the local movies to popular Kumawood actress, Nana Ama McBrown, and has always been ready to feature in any if called on to do so.

It is never true that I don’t want to do Kumawood movies. Nana Ama McBrown will tell you that I always tell her that I want to do Kumawood movies. I have been longing to work with the likes of Lilwin, Mcbrown and all the other Kumawood stars. If there is any casting director who wants to cast me, I will go for audition.

Asked if she has ever made efforts to let movie directors know of her interest, the beautiful actress said she has contacted a guy connected to Kumawood but no attention has ever been given her as they always give him one excuse or the other.

I have. There is a guy called Ike who gets deals from Kumawood. Anytime he mentions my name when this opportunity comes, they give him excuse, so I get sidelined there.

Expressing heartbreak over her plight, Joselyn Dumas noted that no Kumawood movie producer has ever approached her with a role, not to talk of her rejecting the offer. Miss Dumas indicated that she can speak both Ga and Twi; adding that she wants to use the opportunity to portray another side of her which is unknown to people. She also debunked claims that those of them in Accra perceives Kumawood as low class or amateur.

Nobody has ever approached me with a Kumwood script for me to even say no! It breaks my heart because I speak Ga and Twi and I want people to know another side of me many people do not know, and I feel with a movie like that it would be very good to show that side of me. All this is because of a perception out there that we think Kumawood is not good but that is not true at all.

Meanwhile, Joselyn Dumas’ disclosure have instead of sympathy or consideration, drawn massive criticisms; with many Ghanaian mocking and laughing her to scorn. Most of the criticisms are based on the fact that the actress’ comments are coming at a time when a committee have been set up to select a movie with which to represent Ghana at the 2018 Oscars.

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A 14-member committee was recently set up to select a local Ghanaian movie that will be submitted for nomination and subsequent award for the Oscars foreign movie category. The movie according to the committee must be done in a local Ghanaian language and must also capture the true essence of Ghana as well as meet world filming standards.

Many Ghanaians therefore believe that the hitherto Ghallywood/Nollywood star is just seeking for an opportunity to star in the Oscars movie. But Actress Joselyn Dumas also threw aside the claims, stressing that she is not stating her readiness to be cast in Kumawood movies because of the Oscars opportunity, rather it is something she has been longing to do all the while but has since not received attention.

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But Ghanaians do not want to hear those excuses as they have continued to pour venom on the actress. A lot of Ghanaians are insisting that Accra movie stars feel they are better than those of Kumasi. Some others are of the opinion that Actress Dumas has timely realised that Ghaallywood movies no longer sell better than those of Kumawood, and therefore is turning around to see if she can be allowed to flow with the trend.

What’s your own take on Actress Joselyn Dumas’ interest in Kumawood movies? Do you believe her, or do you think she’s habouring some other ulterior motives? Let’s have your views at the comment section, please.