Actress Victoria Mekpah Posts Racy Photos As She Advises Ghanaians To Stop Bleaching

Victoria Mekpah also known as Vicky Minash is a burgeoning Ghanaian actress. She gained fame as one of the finalist of popular pan-African reality TV show, “The Next Movie Star”. A new kid to the block, Vicky isn’t afraid to air her views not even if it is about a controversial topic such as bleaching; an activity that is very common among the African populace and even more among those in the entertainment industry. This is what she had to say in an open letter she wrote recently;

It’s sad how some Ghanaians both males and females resort to skin bleaching these days,worst of it is the desperation to become soo light that they will use any product on the market that has “toning, lightening, whitening ” etc, not ensuring the real contents of the products, whether it’s  their skin type, whether it can be used in our climate because some of these products damage the skin due to the chemicals and ingredients used, which don’t work well with the sun and irritates the skin. All skin types are beautiful  and we should love and learn to embrace it. If you want to make your skin glow and look appealing, there are healthier ways of getting  it done by consulting an Aesthetician or Dermatologist  before applying any cream to the skin.

I personally have had difficulties in choosing the appropriate product for my skin and have been a victim of the effects  they come with,not until I confided in an expertly trained dermatologist who advised and took me through a thorough skin care lecture.

I developed the passion to pursue skin care with Oasis Medspa which is one of Africa’s leading premium corrective skincare clinic and luxury day spa, dedicated to helping people achieve a Flawless complexion. My Advise to Ghanaians is to let taking care of their skin in a healthier and hygienic way, be an “Addiction”.

Well said, but the problem is that many people already know this but still opt for the skin damaging process to achieve their desired complexion. Maybe many would be more confident in their black skin after reading this from the star.

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Victoria posted these racy photos to show just how proud she is of her black skin;

Victoria Lebene Mekpah

Victoria Lebene Mekpah

Victoria Lebene Mekpah

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