UPDATE: Suspected ‘Human Meat’ being Tested by Police; Result Out Soon!

The supposed Adabraka human meat seller, is still at the police station, while the police has taken the meat for scientific testing. 

The Ghana Police Service has taken the suspected human meat; sold by a woman at Adabraka Market, for scientific test. The result of the test would ascertain if the meat sold by the woman is indeed human flesh. The police has said that the result of ongoing test on the meat will be ready by today [Friday] July 15.

There have been reports suggesting the meat was sold to the woman by a Butcher in the Makola market. But results from the said test is hoped to solve the mysterious case. The woman who is in her early forties, was dragged to the Adabraka Police Station on Wednesday, by some traders, over suspicions she was selling human parts as meat, to people.

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The woman, according to the market women, was carrying a tray with some pieces of meat, and was moving strangely at the market. The meat sold by the said woman looked like beef but the woman in question refused to disclose the cost nor the type of meat she was carrying.

The women who got hold of the supposed Adabraka human meat seller, said they tried to get her to disclose her source, as well as the type of meat she was selling, to no avail. More so the women said that unsuspecting customers have been buying the supposed ‘human meat’ from the woman.

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Some of the women alleged the meat to be for ritual. They said she confessed that it is human meat and that her pastor gave them to her to perform some rituals. This then led to their dragging the woman to the police station. The supposed human meat seller is currently in custody at the police station, while the police wait for the results from the test.