Afriyie Acquah Finally Divorces Wife Amanda

Recent reports reveal that Black star player, Afriyie Acquah has divorced his wife Amanda. Also, according to the revelations made on the issue, he is divorcing her based on extra-marital affairs with other men including Afriye’s team mates.

Afriyie who reportedly started the process last year is said to have completed everything with the court and has been allowed to divorce his wife. Both the families of the couple are fully aware of this divorce.

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Furthermore, Afriyie is said to have removed all Amanda’s pictures from  respective social media platforms. 28 year old Amanda has drawn a lot of negative attention in the media. Her marriage to the Torino FC player has been criticised by many from the onset.

Amanda who drew most of the attention with her loose tongue has always lashed out at her husband publicly. According to some sources, she was indiscreet about their sex life and equally other challenges they faced in their marriage.

She had publicly roared with claims that the former Sampdoria midfielder is impotent and has been on medication to get his manhood in working condition, comparing his manhood to that of other team players.

The Trino star was sternly advised against marrying the rascal, Amanda but he didn’t listen to the predictions of analysts whom had accurately predicted the glaring future.

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The most scandalous controversy to have hit the couple was when some alleged naked pictures of Amanda began circulating on social media last year. Afriyie who was obviously downcast by the saga, still took it in good faith and supported his ‘loving’ wife.

So many have taken a sigh of relief on the issue, as Afriyie has done what he had been expected to do a long time ago.