10 Notable Facts about Agya Koo (Kofi Adu)

Who doesn’t know about Agya Koo? Or better still who hasn’t heard of him? Whenever you mention the Ghanaian acting industry, there are a few you would mention ahead of this selfless Ghanaian. Born  on the 12th May 1969, Agya has grown to become one of the idols of the modern day Ghallywood. He has acted many films which have found their ways into local as well as overseas markets. He has also performed locally as well as abroad and is now one of the most sought African actors out there.

So you think you know Agya Koo too well? Well, you may not. Here are 10 notable facts about Agya Koo (Kofi Adu).

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10 Notable But Lesser Known Facts You’ve Never Heard about Agya Koo (Kofi Adu)

1. His talent is God given, he doesn’t practice with scripts – he made it public that he never recites scripts; he simply slides into roles. You wonder how that would be possible but yes the man said it himself on TV. You couldn’t argue with it anyway, he has seamlessly fitted into so many roles and the fans really love him.

Agya Koo (Kofi Adu )3

2. He was meant to sing, he just found himself acting – funny but very true. When he first set foot in Accra, his dream was to turn out into one of the best singers in Ghana. That had to change however. Sometimes you don’t just choose what you want to be. Fate chooses for you.

3. Yes he has been praised. But he has also been called foolish- media hype spares no one. People who see you on the screens are usually quick to judge in public. Kofi Adu admits to having been praised and abused in equal measure. Some people see him behave stupidly in a particular movie and to them it’s not just the movie, Adu to them is definitely foolish.

4. Agya is not a fan of football – you would wonder what he does then on a day like Saturday when most men take to the pubs to watch their favourite football clubs play. According to Mr. Agya Koo, football could cause heart attack if care is not taken; he won’t be going to the stadiums any soon.

5. At some point, news spread that Agya was dead! – According to the actor, he couldn’t make head or tail of the rumour. He recounted receiving over 120 calls in a single day as people wanted to know whether he was dead or alive. The actor actually had to fly out to Spain in order to get some peace of mind.

6. He was once a shoe maker– you wonder how far some people have to come before they are superstars. Who knew that this shoe maker would one day become a superstar of the Ghanaian acting industry? Well deserved Adu Kofi, it’s never where you start; it’s more about where you finish.

7. Agya was also a crowd warmerAgya Koo also used to be a crowd warmer before he became a crowd entertainer. This was during his time at the National Theater where he worked for Ghana National TV (GNT). He was actually discovered on a comedy show on GTV.

8. He was awarded The National Award in 2008 by President John Kufuor – The National Award is an award that is only accorded to people who have offered immense service to the society. Only a few ever get it and those who do are usually people who have served the government in high ranking positions. He is considered to be among the people who shaped the Ghanaian acting industry.

9. Agya Koo has been married for more than 16 years – just as it goes, behind every successful man is a woman, Alex Kofi Adu has been married to his lovely wife Victoria Awusua Adamako for well over sixteen years now. The two seem to be faring on very well and are indeed blessed with 3 children.

10. Receives 50 calls from women daily? – From the man’s own mouth, he receives well over 50 calls from women daily. Surely, for a married man that would be absurd! The Ghanaian cult hero is however unfazed with the occurrence and has learnt to deal with such calls. His wife knows about it and seems to understand everything.

Now, that’s a story of a true African warrior. There are many African actors spread across the globe but Agya will always be counted as one of the best. His relentless quest for a fully developed film industry cannot go unnoticed. He is a man who loves his job. Ghana is definitely proud of Adu and so is Africa.