Justice At Last! Akua Donkor’s Attackers Land 120-Year Jail Sentence – All The Details

The three accused persons in Akua Donkor’s attack case have been jailed. Their imprisonment was decided by an Accra Circuit Court today, Tuesday, 29th August, 2017.

The three persons – Yakubu Yussif, Banabas Kayase and Abdul Razak Shaibu, were charged with conspiracy to rob and robbery after they were arrested and accused of robbing founder and leader of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP ), Akua Donkor of $30,000.

The trio however, has been pleading not guilty to the charges since their trial commenced earlier this year. But delivering the court’s decision today, the presiding Judge, Justice Aboagye Tanoh said the testimonies of the accused persons were full of half truths and contradictions.

The court was therefore left with no other option but to convict them of committing the offence.

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Each of the convicts are to concurrently serve 20 years for each count of the two charges, bringing it to a total of 120 years in jail. They are also to refund the remainder of the stolen cash which is yet to be retrieved by the police.

Akua Donkor’s Attack – How It Happened

Five persons connived to rob Madam Donkor while she was on her way to the airport on the 30th of December, 2016 around 2:00 am. The five persons are: Central Regional Chairman of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Yakubu Yusif; Madam Donkor’s personal driver, Banabas Kayase; a three-member gang comprising Abdul Razak Shaibu, one Joe and Nuamah (alias Lion).

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It happened that Kayase was driving Madam Donkor to the Kotoka International Airport from Taifa to board a flight to the US, and Yusif accompanied them in the car.

On their way, Madam Donkor decided to stop to to do something at her house before continuing her journey to the airport. But when they got to Sowutuom, the three-man robbery gang (Shaibu, Joe and Nuamah) armed with guns, appeared on a motorbike behind their car.

It was reported that as soon as Madam Donkor’s driver, Kayase spotted the armed men, he reduced his speed and switched on the double hazard lights. It was later discovered through investigations that Kayase flashed the lights to signal the gang that Akua Donkor was in the  car.

The driver’s actions enabled the three armed men on motorbike to cross the car and attack Madam Donkor. They ordered her to hand over her handbag and money to them, but when she resisted, they dragged her out of the vehicle, snatched the bag at gun point and disappeared on their motorbike.

Th snatched bag was said to be containing $30,000, a plane ticket, a Ghanaian passport, a voter’s ID card and GH¢2,000.

Immediately after the incident, Madam Donkor had her driver, Kayase arrested as his role in the robbery could not be hidden and Akua said she had overheard him making calls and telling the gang the route he was taking.

Subsequent investigations into Akua Donkor’s attack saw the arrest of three other persons including Shaibu, Yusif and a member of the GFP, Opoku Agyemang.

Agyemang was however acquitted and released later on after he was found to be unconnected with the robbery incident. Meanwhile, Joe and Nuamah are still at large, with the police making efforts to have them arrested.