Ghanaians in Qatar: Distressing Living Conditions of Ghanaian Immigrants Bemoaned by Akufo-Addo

Ghanaians in Qatar…

“The ill-treatment of Ghanaians has been a constant complaint, and I think that the good relations that exist between our two countries mean that authorities in Qatar should try and do something about it so that those complaints can stop.”

These were the words of President Akufo-Addo on July 10, when the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Ghana, His Excellency Mohammed Jaber Al-Kuwari, presented his letter of credentials to him.

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During the interaction, the President issued a warning to the Qatari ambassador regarding the reported unfair treatment meted out to Ghanaians in Qatar doing various semi-skilled jobs.

According to Nana Addo, information available indicates that the people of Qatar have consistently mistreated Ghanaian nationals who travel to their country. Such practice he stressed must be stopped for a better relationship between the two countries.

Nana Addo and Qatari Ambassador

He urged Ambassador Jaber Al- Kuwari to convey to the leader of Qatar, Ghana’s reservations on how Ghanaians who go to Qatar to work are treated. The situation he said should be dealt with once and for all.

Ghanaians in Qatar

Several Ghanaians who have travelled to Qatar to in search of greener pastures have narrated distressing stories of the maltreatment they have been subjected to by citizens of that country. Ghanaians and other Africans, often travel to some countries in the middle east in search of greener pastures. But sometimes they meet the unexpected upon getting there.

Ghanaians who are migrant workers in the country suffer badly at the hands of employers, especially in the summer time. This is because most of the work done involves hard manpower. These individuals are often given strenuous jobs -which take a lot of energy; wth very little pay.

Considering they aren’t full citizens of the country, there is always no one to fight for them. Ghanaians workers in Qatar often complain about non-payment of salaries -debts which amount to several months; which subject the immigrants to extreme hardship.

Although the country has a labour office, they are usually hard hearted towards the migrants. According to some narrations, they often send complainants back to their countries, causing others to refrain from reporting such problems.

President Nana Addo Concerned About Ghanaians in Qatar

Nana Addo has charged authorities of Qatar to treat Ghanaian immigrants well. Furthermore, the Foreign Affairs minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchway has warned Ghanaians both home and abroad to desist from travelling to the Gulf States illegally. This according to her results to abuse and unfair treatments by authorities.

Ambassador Jaber Al- Kuwari in his response promised to work with Ghana’s Foreign Affairs ministry to resolve the issue.