Nana Addo Reveals His Trade Minister? Find Out More..

Nana Addo seems to have already made his own list of some ministerial appointments prior to the November elections. During his campaign tour in the Volta Region, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer and Alan Kyeremanten had both addressed the chiefs and people of the region on the plans of the party.

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Alan Kyeremanten had spoken to the people on the issue of poverty and unemployment. He pointed out the major way towards ensuring better standards of living for Ghanaians to be the provision of jobs for the unemployed masses. He explained that building of roads, hospitals and schools, were all important but at the same time not very significant towards eradicating poverty.

Alan Kyeremanten
Alan Kyeremanten

Nana Addo who was very much pleased with Alan’s strategic analysis, told the people that he will make him the minister of Industry and Trade if he is voted into power.

Togbuiga, you’ve heard Alan Kyeremanten talk about the plans for industrial development, please listen to him very closely because if God willing we get the chance to comeback into office, that is the minister of industry and trade talking to you,” he said to the people.

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Akufo Addo also pointed out industrial development and agriculture to be the two major areas his government would focus on if voted into power. He urged the people to “vote for change” and for improved development in the country.

It will be recalled that Nana Addo and Alan Kyeremanten have been rivals in the NPP for several years as the two have always competed to become the flagbearer of the party. But Nana Addo always won the title on all occasions.

Notwithstanding their earlier differences, the two men obviously are working together towards the good of the party. Alan Kyerematen had served as the Minister of Trade, Industry, Private Sector Development (PSD) under former President Kufuor.