1-District-1-Factory: What Alan Kyerematen Has to Say About Policy Implementation

While many critics have questioned the possibility of President Nana Addo’s 1-district-1-factory policy, one of his ministerial nominees has revealed that the same policy would have kicked-off under the erstwhile Kufuor administration.

Minister-nominee for Trade and Industry Alan Kyerematen, has said that preparations for the start of the 1-district-1-factory policy, had started under Kufuor’s administration. This was before the National Democratic Congress (NDC) took over power. Alan revealed this while addressing the appointments committee of parliament at his vetting on Monday. According to the minister nominee, the erstwhile Kufour government had conducted all the relevant studies and identified feasible factory projects that could be embarked upon in all districts of the country.

Prior to his election, President Nana Addo had promised to establish a factory in every district across the country. The promise according to him, was part of his plan to create jobs and reduce unemployment among the Ghanaian youth. His promise however, was met with criticisms from stakeholders, most of whom described it as infeasible.

But during his vetting section, the soon-to-be Trade Minister revealed that the 1-district-1-factory policy is no new issue in the NPP. He pointed out that the party was on the verge of starting the implementation of the policyas far back as when Kufuor was president.

The minister-nominee was however, quick to add that although government has consulted widely and made the necessary arrangements for the project to commence, he cannot state exactly when the construction of factories will commence. He added that the speed in the commencement of the various factories, will be dependent on the interest and commitment of private enterprises.

Government’s Plans for 1-District-1-Factory Policy Revealed

Earlier in January, government had revealed plans on how it intends to implement the one-factory-one-district policy. In a detailed document, government pointed out that the new policy is expected within the first 100 days of its assumption of office. This was to ensure that the project spreads to every part of the country as opposed to the situation where majority of manufacturing facilities are located in large urban areas like Accra, Kumasi and the likes.

The new government has also given the go ahead for the one-district-one-factory implementation to be achieved in collaboration with private investors. This will be done through an organization which will specifically be set up for that purpose.

According to the Nana Addo administration, the private sector will provide the investment while the dedicated organization will only serve as a promoter and facilitator of the policy to ensure nationwide industrialization. The dedicated organization will not be a direct investor in the resultant industrial projects, government has said.

1-District-1-Factory Policy: Progress So Far

The Private Enterprise Federation (PEF) has hinted on plans to collaborate with President Nana Addo to execute the 1 factory 1 district policy. The CEO of the organization who spoke to the media, said that PEF has already started creating business district coalitions, for the actualization of the plan. Get more details on PEF collabo here.

Earlier in January, the Chief of Sefwi Awiokrom Nana Ahwoi Payne, allocated 40 acres of land to the government, in solidarity with the one-factory-one-district policy. The donation the Chief said, is aimed at facilitating the government’s effort towards implementing the policy.