Woyome To Sue NPP, Kweku Baako and Others for Defamation

Lawyers of popular Ghanaian businessman, Alfred Woyome has warned some individuals whom they have accused of defamation as regards the GH¢51.2 million judgement debt case of which their client has been acquitted.

Although Woyome has been declared guiltless by the law court in the allegations leveled against him that he caused the government to loose the amount mentioned above, so many persons in the country are not satisfied with the acquittal. They have therefore gone about saying and doing all sorts of things considered to tarnish the image of the formerly accused Alfred Woyome.

We would also recall the ugly experience Woyome had at the Achimota Mall where he was almost beaten up by an anonymous individual who is bitter about the freedom granted him by the court. In order to stop this trend which has been on the increase, Woyome’s lawyers are threatening to sue any individual or firm found saying or doing things that are to the detriment of their client as regards the settled GH¢ 51.2 million judgement debt case.

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The persons named to be spearheading this alleged defamation include Anthony Karbo and Nana Akomea of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Editor of the Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, Daily Guide and Peace FM.

Below is the full statement from A. A. Woyome’s lawyers:

It has come to our attention that notwithstanding the legal effect of judicial decisions in the Republic vs Alfred A. Woyome in both the High court and the court of Appeal, a number of individuals such as Mr Anthony Karbo, Nana Akomea of the NPP and Kweku Baako of the Crusading Guide, and entities such as the New Patriotic Party, the Daily Guide and Peace FM of Despite Limited, have overtly or covertly directly or indirectly and intentionally excoriated and denigrated the person of Mr. Alfred A. Woyome for the sole purpose of scandalizing the superior courts of Ghana.

For those already mentioned above, the necessary legal remedies available to redress the escalating situation will be employed and to those individuals, bodies or firms which intend to indulge in the same conduct deprecated above are hereby put on notice and notice is hereby given that continued breach of the sanctity of the court and the right of Mr. Alfred A. Woyome will be repelled without fear or favour. 

Background Story on the Alfred Woyome’s Case

The High Court, presided over by Mr Justice John Ajet-Nasam, had in 2015 acquitted and discharged Woyome on two count charges of defrauding by false pretenses, contrary to Section 131 (1) of the Criminal Offences Act (1960), Act 29, and causing financial loss to the State, contrary to Section 179 A (3) (a) of the Criminal Offences Act (1960), Act 29.

But unsatisfied with Woyome’s exoneration, the AG’s Department, in March 2015, filed a notice of appeal to reverse the High Court’s decision on his case. However, the Court of Appeal said the evidences presented by the state were not enough to prove Woyome guilty and therefore freed him finally on the 10th of March, 2016.

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The NPP particularly has been of the opinion that the Mahama-led administration intentionally side-tracked the case and allowed Woyome to walk free even when it is obvious that he was guilty of the charges laid against him in the court and based on that should refund the said amount of money the government lost through him. They have continued to insist that the judgement was partial and grossly influenced by the incumbent government. In their opinion, NPP’s Nana Akomea specifically said that the government is deliberately protecting Alfred Woyome and has intentionally refused to retrieve the GH¢ 51.2 million from him.