AMA To Seek Spiritual Answers To Recurring Circle Fires – AMA Boss

The Chief Executive of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Alfred Oko Vanderpuye has said that authorities might have to resort to spiritualist interventions to enable them find out the cause of the alarming fires which has been recurring around the Kwameh Nkrumah circle.

The series of fire outbreaks that has rocked the Kwame Nkrumah Circle area has left the country quite disturbed on the causes of the respective fires. The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) Chief Executive, Alfred Oko Vanderpuye has said that authorities might have to resort to spiritualist interventions to enable them find out the cause of the alarming Circle fires.

The June 3 2015 disaster would have repeated itself on Thursday at the Vienna City night club near the Circle. Fortunately, after lots of efforts put in, fire fighters were able to prevent the fire from spreading to a nearby filing station. Thursday’s incident left about three people injured. Vienna City happens to be very close to the area of the June 3 disaster.

The Fire yesterday is the second major fire outbreak after the June 03 flood and fire disaster. Last year’s disaster was caused by a fire that erupted at a nearby lorry terminal, which spread to the GOIL petrol station and other buildings.  So Many around the station at the time did not have the opportunity to escape. Also so many drowned in flood waters caused by blocked roadside gutters and drains, that overflowed because of the rains.

This left a big hole in the heart of the nation as more than a hundred who lost their lives, were mourned nationwide. Bearing that in mind, the incident at the Vienna City in the same Circle area is quite alarming and disturbing to the residents.

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The cause of the fire at Vienna City has not been known which gives more cause to worry. Mr Vanderpuye said the police, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) and different security agencies are involved in the investigations on the cause of the fire. He stated that they will refer to different points for answers including the scientific, the structural, and the spiritual.