Amaliba Backs Mahama’s BBC Interview – Hear What He Says

…And more Mahama advocates continue to roar at his critics over his ‘I am not corrupt’ statement. Abraham Amaliba, an NDC loyalist has also come out to defend the president’s claims that he has never taken a bribe. He has asked those who think the contrary to provide an evidence to prove the claims wrong otherwise, “shut up”.

While the President was in the UK for an anti-corruption summit, he had said in a BBC interview that he has never taken bribe before. He also said he has fought corruption better than any other regime in Ghana.

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His statements however, drew some criticisms from many Ghanaians. Many have said the president has done nothing to fight corruption and that his statement on not being corrupt is a farce, pointing out that most scandals that have hit his government have been overlooked.

But Mr Amaliba who is a member of the NDC legal team hailed the president on a Citi FM programme for making such a categorical statement. He said that for Mahama to make such claims in an international platform, makes it even more factual and if anybody has a contrary view, then that person must provide evidence of him being corrupt or having taken bribe before.

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According to him, “If you don’t have that evidence then I’m afraid, you have to shut up”. He also maintained that Mahama and his government has never relented in its fight against corruption. Apart from Amaliba, Anti-corruption campaigner P.C Ofori had also come out to back President Mahama’s claims of not being corrupt.

P.C Ofori who said he can vouch 100 percent that Mahama is not corrupt affirmed that all through their days in the Parliament Mahama has never done anything detrimental to his integrity.