Chiefs Want Prez Nana Addo to Turn a Blind Eye on Corruption -Martin Amidu Fumes

Martin Amidu on corruption, reveals widespread corrupt practices inherent in the former government, urging Nana Addo to fulfill his promise of tackling them with full force!

Anti-corruption campaigner and former Attorney General, Martin Amidu is back with more information and advice, regarding President Nana Addo’s promised anti-corruption agenda. The former AG has hinted at seeming pressure on the newly elected President by influential chiefs to be lenient in tackling corruption. Such influential chiefs Amidu says, are seeking to sway the President’s attention away from his anti-corruption agenda in the name of reconciliation.

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But the former AG has urged Akufo-Addo to remain steadfast in his anti-corruption agenda, by resisting the pressure on him not to crack the whip. Martin Amidu on corruption, reveals widespread of corrupt practices inherent in the former government, and urges President Akufo-Addo to fulfill his promise of tackling them with full force.

The former AG who has zero tolerance for corruption, made this revelation in his latest write-up where he exposed alleged corruption in the 5th and 6th parliaments. In the write-up, Amidu mentioned how some MPs in the previous parliament institutionalized corruption by taking bribes from ministries, departments and agencies (MMDAs), to approve their budgets.

Martin Amidu on corruption, hinted at tremendous evidence of criminal and unconstitutional conduct in the previous parliaments; adding that attempts are being made through influential chiefs to persuade Nana Addo to turn a blind eye to the offences – a move contrary to the demands of the Constitution.

The fearless activist urged the President as well as the 7th parliament, to restore citizens’ confidence in the honour and integrity of the legislature, by tackling corruption with full force, as promised.

He explained that Nana Addo’s victory in the 2016 elections was a clear expression of the people’s will for accountability and transparency, which was never found in “Looter Government of John Dramani Mahama”. Martin Amidu stressed that any attempt by President Addo, to soft-pedal on corruption contrary to his promises, will be a betrayal of the people’s trust.

Prior to the 2016 elections, Martin Amidu had raised calls for proper scrutiny of the then ruling Mahama government, which he described as a “looter government”. The former President’s massive loss in the elections as we have seen, is still not enough for the fearless and outspoken politician, as he has continued to call for more scrutiny and probing of the past government’s activities.