Don’t Repeat Mahama’s Mistakes -Amidu Writes Akufo-Addo

Former AG Martin Amidu writes Nana Addo another open letter, urging him not to repeat mistakes by his predecessor, John Dramani Mahama.

Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, has advised President Nana Akufo-Addo not to repeat the mistakes of the Mahama administration. Martin Amidu writes Nana Addo yet another open letter, urging him not to take Ghanaians for granted like the previous government did by looting state funds and exhibiting absolute incompetence.

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Martin Amidu had accused Mahama’s government as very corrupt and campaigned against his re-election. Prior to the election, the former AG who has zero tolerance for corruption, encouraged Ghanaians to vote against the Mahama-led government, which he described as a “looter government”.

The outspoken former AG is now back with his calls for transparency and accountability in government. In his letter, he asked the newly elected President to be mindful of Mahama’s mistakes, which caused his being voted out in the elections.

Part of his open letter reads;

All that these ordinary and committed citizens care about is that you never repeat the mistakes of your immediate predecessor’s government which simply took Ghanaians for granted as undiscerning and looted them to pulp.

Martin Amidu also asked the President to restore citizen’s confidence in him, by honoring his promise of blocking corruption from creeping into his government.

Mr. President, your anti-corruption promise and agenda in my view was your winning manifesto item at the elections whose actualization we are expecting you to implement without fear or favour, affection or ill will, no matter whose ass is gored, he stated.

Martin Amidu in his letter, pointed out that he like many other Ghanaians, are not followers of Nana Addo’s party; but voted him out of their wish to experience a less corrupt society. He stated that Nana Addo will succeed and bring back the “golden age of Ghana” if only he continues to occupy his high moral grounds, as well as tackle corruption with full force as he promised.