I’ll Investigate the EC If Necessary – Anas

Renowned Ghanaian undercover investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has said he will carry out an investigation on the activities of Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) to expose any questionable action if the need arises.

The professional anti-corruption journalist made these assertion while speaking on Amansam radio in the United States. According to Anas, his type of journalism is an uncompromising one which never considers who is involved whenever there is need for investigations to be carried out.

Speaking further, he emphasized that the interest of the public is what matters most in his business of exposing corrupt practices, therefore it does not matter who is involved. He stressed that a peaceful, free and fair election is paramount to Ghanaians this year and he will not relent in doing whatever that is necessary to see that it is achieved.

Anas who stated categorically that he will investigate the EC if it is necessary however, said he never said he is setting out to do so.

Concluding, he assured Ghanaians that he is keeping a keen eye on happenings surrounding the upcoming elections with the readiness to act whenever there is need. He also encouraged the people to pray for a peaceful election, while hoping that everyone will find peace within the confines of the country’s democracy.

About Anas

Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a Ghanaian undercover journalist and private eye who gathers hard core evidence of crime and corruption, putting the perpetrators behind bars. Anas is famous for utilizing his anonymity as a tool in his investigative arsenal with his motto, “name, shame and jail”. Very few people had seen his face until “unmasking” during a BBC interview in November 2015.

Anas has won more than 14 international awards for his investigative work. He was polled as the fifth most influential Ghanaian in 2011 by ETV. He was also named one of the “Most Influential Africans of the Year” by New African magazine in December 2014.

He has carried out numerous notable investigative works both within and outside of Ghana. One of the most recent ones that made waves in Ghana was his exposé on judges which led to the dismissal of several judges in Ghana both from the high and lower courts.

Should the undercover journalist ever delve through the activities of Ghana’s Electoral Commission, it is certain that there will be some naming, shaming and jailing!