Job Seekers May Have to Try This – It Worked for Her…

Graduate Anthea Malwandle stood at a busy Rosebank intersection after she had tried, unsuccessfully, to use traditional channels to seek employment. 

A lot of people, especially African women have taken the bull by the horns when it comes to job search, business and how to earn a living in general.

A jobless chemical engineering graduate has received positive responses after standing at a busy intersection in Rosebank, with a placard, asking for work.

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According to Eye Witnesses News, a photo of Anthea Malwandle, a BTech: Chemical Engineering graduate, was shared on social media prompting several calls from prospective employers.

When Malwandle completed her degree at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) in 2015, she never anticipated that her job-seeking journey would be so arduous.

Since April last year, she has been hunting for graduate and internship programmes to no avail.

She took to the streets after calling many companies and visiting their offices to try schedule interview appointments.

Anthea Malwandle
Anthea Malwandle leaning on a traffic light pole at a busy road intersection asking for a job

Malwandle’s tale has moved many people and the determined woman says that she would love to work for petrochemical companies in the production of energy fuels.

Touched by her struggle, a Sasol employee called in to the Early Breakfast Show to request a meeting with her.