Gush! See How Army Officer Lashes Driver, Mate at 37 Accra [Video]

Army officer lashes driver and his mate for a reason that will make you say nothing else but, “serves them right”!

It was really the most embarrassing moment for a driver and his mate on the morning of Friday, 5th May, as they were given the lashes of their lives by a soldier at 37, Accra Ghana.

It was reported that the army officer spotted the driver as he parked to pick up a passenger at a spot that is against designated traffic rules in the area. A viral video shows where the military man was dishing out some hot and painful lashes to the driver’s mate, amid loud orders at him to bend so as to receive them at the desired spot – his lower back or rather, buttocks!

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Despite traffic rules that prohibit dropping or picking passengers at spots aside designated bus stops, most drivers especially in the country’s capital, Accra still go ahead to drop and pick passengers anywhere they feel like.

However, this driver and his mate were so unfortunate to violate the rules at the most wrongful area – the 37 which is a military zone, habouring the 37 Military Hospital, Burma Camp, Airforce Officers’ mess, among other important destinations.

Army officer lashes driver and his mate; see short video below.