Montie FM Panelists Who Threatened Judges Must Be Arrested – GBA to Police

The GBA indeed is shocked by the threats issued by the Montie FM panellists, especially as the words they used clearly showed an intent to cause harm on the judges.

Two radio panelists reportedly threatened the lives of Supreme and High Court Judges in the country. The two named Alisr Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, who work with Accra based Montie FM, reportedly issued some threats on radio, saying they would deal with the Judges if they made any judgement against the Electoral Commission.

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For this reason, the GBA in a statement signed by its President has called on the Inspector General of Police to investigate on the matter, as well as charge the said panelists with the relevant offences, and put them before a court.

The GBA indeed is shocked by the threats issued by the Montie FM panelists, especially at their words.

A section of the statement read:

“The language used by the said panellists was particularly clear and graphic, and showed a clear intent to put the fear of harm or death in our judges.”

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On June 29, the two panelists who were speaking on Montie FM allegedly threatened to unleash mayhem on Supreme Court and High Courts judges if they make any judgement against the Electoral Commission.

One of them went further to say that he knows the residence of the judge in case chaos ensues after the judgement.

GBA had earlier warned against unnecessary attacks on judges through social media, calling for a more responsible usage of the platform on political affairs.

It can be recalled in June that The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) named Montie FM as the most abusive radio station in the country, having the highest number of indecent expressions within the months under review.

At the moment Montie FM has not responded to the statement released by the GBA.