Arsenal Fans Want Wenger Out After Losing to Barcelona

After Tuesday’s UEFA Champion’s League in which Arsenal lost to Barcelona in a 2-0 match, Arsenal fans have blamed the club’s coach, Arsene Wenger for the defeat, and wants him removed.

The disillusioned fans has expressed deep fears and loss of confidence in Wenger, saying they may end up not winning ‘anything’ as long as he continues being the club’s coach.

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The Gunners have not made the final of the Champions League since 2006 when they lost to Barcelona 2-1 in Paris. And if they once again fail to qualify for the competition, it will be the sixth consecutive year they have failed to get past the last 16.

However, Arsenal are still two points behind leaders Leicester in the Premier League, so they remain firmly in the title race with 13 games left to play. Despite this, fans STILL feel it is time for a change.

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Arsenal fans have taken to twitter to express their anger and disappointment over the club’s performances for some years now, and are seriously demanding that Wenger be removed. Their bitterness against the coach has generated a trending hashtag on twitter – #WengerOut.

Below are some of the reactions of Arsenal fans on twitter as gathered from

It’s a waste of energy supporting Arsenal with Arsene Wenger as the coach. – Ayekooto

Why the long faces.. did anyone think we’d win? #wengerout- bob mcnabs cat

My love for Arsenal is decreasing slightly every day that Wenger remains our manager #WengerOut – Matt Hawkins ッ

There is not a single sane person who can defend Wenger any longer over a decade of excuses and failure both on and off the field#wengerout – Wengerocracy

Why will Wenger bring in Flamini when you are a goal down…… I think Arsene Wenger is too Old to manage the team. – Henry Nissi

Reason I can’t rate Arsene Wenger as a top top manager…guy doesn’t seem to get it right against when it matters most. – I am a VICTOR

Arsene Wenger is a loser who is dragging #AFC into the abyss. Enough is enough. We need to sack Wenger so we can move on. #wengerout – Ari

You really wanna win the CL with guys like Mert, TW, Ox, Flam , Ramsey & OG ..laughable just laughable. #wengerout – Elv

Arsene Wenger is the reason we won’t win anything in any season, let’s just be honest. – Iman Mkwanazi