Assaulted Kumasi Woman: Gender Ministry Handicapped by Lady’s Disappearance

Minister for Gender and Social Protection, Madam Otiko Afisa Djaba, has expressed helplessness over Gender Ministry’s attempts to seek justice for the assaulted Kumasi woman, owing to her unknown whereabouts.

According to Madam Djaba, there is very little the ministry can do for the lady in question, unless she comes out to assist the police with investigations into her case.

Considering what may be the woman’s reason for remaining in hideout, the Gender Minister opined that she may be afraid of being arrested since she is alleged to have stolen. Madam Djaba who described the assaulted Kumasi woman’s case a very sensitive one, said that the lady may not want to surface, considering the extent of humiliation meted out on her personality and dignity.

Meanwhile, the Gender Minister disclosed that the ministry have made an appeal through the radio to ask anybody or any hospital who has found the woman to advise her to show up; but the effort has since yielded no positive result. Madam Djaba who said that the assaulted Kumasi woman has a choice to come out or not, made it clear that her finding justice depends largely on that.

Explaining why the Gender Ministry did not respond hastily to the public’s demands for justice, Otiko Djaba said that the act of prosecuting alleged criminals is a process which must be followed in accordance with provision of the law. According to her, there is no way you can jump into passing judgements without first of all getting the details of the matter in question.


Video of a highly mischievous mob who seized, stripped and assaulted a lady for allegedly attempting to steal GHc1,100 from a shop at Kejetia Market in Kumasi went viral about two weeks ago.

The very ugly incident which reportedly took place on the 14th of February, 2017 saw a fair-skinned lady, stripped of all clothes except her brassier, being paraded barefooted on the streets of Kejetia by a mob consisting only of men, with many of them doing all sorts of sexually abusive things with her in the broad day light. Click here to read the full story.

This is not the first time alleged women thieves are caught and disgraced in similar manner in different parts of Ghana. But this particular one seems to be the worst episode ever. The obscene act was widely condemned by different sections of the general public, with hopes that the culprits will be brought to book to serve as a deterrent to other sexually hungry wolves who parade themselves daily as Ghanaians, especially in the ever busy town of Kumasi.

But with the disappearance of the victim, this hope is beginning to dwindle. It is sad that the molesters may eventually go unpunished at the end of the day