[AUDIO] ‘My Wife’s Butt Is Nicer Than Your Face’ – Prophet Opambour To Adom FM Presenter

Guess who’s gotten back at ‘Ohemaa Woyeje’ for her show?

Prophet Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom, has clapped back at the Adom TV presenter Yeboah Asuamah, also known as ‘Ohemaa Woyeje’, for hosting a man who insulted his integrity.

Founder and leader of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center Prophet Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom reacted strongly to Adom TV presenter Yeboah Asuamah for hosting a man who insulted his integrity on live TV without doing anything to stop it or berate the man for insulting him.

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The hostess of Adom FM Mid Morning Show had hosted a man who claimed to be in an occult society in one of her shows. The man said he is in a secret society together with some prominent people like Ministers, Members of Parliament, Fetish Priests and some men of God including Prophet Ebenezer Opambour.

Prophet Opambour also known as Prophet One was not at all pleased with the show as his name was included by the man. Last Sunday, he threatened to invoke curses on Ohemaa Woyeje for creating a platform that allowed someone to tarnish his image in that manner

Prophet One on New Mercury FM used a lot of humiliating words on the presenter and her company to express his anger concerning the issue. He even resorted to saying that his wife’s buttocks is prettier than Ohema Woyeje’s face.

Hear Him:

Its no more news hearing about different feuds between men of God and Media personalities for one remark or the other. In recent times, preachers no longer take it lightly with anyone who dares to undermine their spiritual abilities, as well as achievements.

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We see this in the very many war of words between controversial pastor Obinim and some media personalities including Afia Schwarzenegger. Also the feud between him and some prominent pastors and people in government has flooded the internet in recent times.

Could they have had enough of the doubts and insults from the masses? We can’t really tell, but we do know that men of God are supposed to live exemplary lives that portrays Christ so that by the things they do and the way they live, people can be converted to God. The recent war of words is neither encouraging nor showing any good examples.

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