Ayariga Stole NPP Manifesto! -Dismissed APC Gen Sec Reveals

Razak Opoku is alleging that disqualified Presidential Candidate of the APC, Hassan Ayariga stole ideas from the NPP manifesto

Suspended General Secretary of the All People’s Congress (APC) Razak Opoku, has alleged that the party stole the manifesto of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and launched it. He says anyone who carefully scrutinized both manifestos when they were launched, could tell that indeed the APC stole ideas from the NPP manifesto.

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Put in a simpler term, Razak Kojo Opoku is alleging that the disqualified Presidential Candidate of the APC, Hassan Ayariga stole ideas from the NPP manifesto. .

It had been an accusation galore between the APC and NPP regarding the issue of manifesto theft. The APC stated after the launch of its manifesto in October, that it would be on the lookout for any acts of plagiarism of their manifesto by the NPP. Soon after the NPP launched its manifesto, the APC threatened a lawsuit against the party for plagiarizing its manifesto ideas.

But before the planned suit could manifest, the Flagbearer of the party, Hassan Ayariga was disqualified from contesting in the 2016 election. The NPP had also accused the APC of plagiarizing its manifesto ideas.

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But Mr Razak Opoku has said that the accusations of the major opposition party is true, claiming that the Mr Ayariga was the one who stole the contents of the NPP manifesto.

Hassan Ayariga suspended Mr. Razak Opoku, alongside Emmanuel Carl Bartels, the General Secretary and Vice Presidential Candidate of the APC respectively, following their endorsement of NPP Flagbearer, Akufo-Addo. Ayariga nullified the endorsement of the duo over the weekend and on Monday, declared the APC’s support for the NDC flagbearer, John Mahama.

However, Razak Opoku has indicated that Hassan Ayariga cannot suspend him because the party’s constitution does not  authorize him to do so.

Ayariga also has indicated that he will not respond to the manifesto theft allegations by the suspended APC General secretary.  According to him, the former secretary is engaging in dirty politics because he is bitter about his suspension.