Ayitey Powers House Maid Disappears with GHc3,000 and Wife’s Undies!

Ayittey Powers house maid disappeared a month ago together with a total sum of Ghc3,000, his wife’s underwear and other personal effects.

Reports from 3news.com reveal that the house help of Ghanaian heavyweight boxer, Ayittey Powers is missing. The couple made this disclosure in an exclusive interview with 3News.

According to the popular boxer’s wife, the 14-year-old girl left the house to an unknown destination on 11th February, 2017, with a sum of GHc3,000 and some of her personal belongings.

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Mrs. Powers narrated that the girl whose name is Happy was brought in from Togo to stay with them in February, 2015. She was 12 years old then and was supposed to learn a trade on a contract duration of four years.

On that fateful day  – February 11, Ayittey Powers house maid refused to follow her auntie to the shop on the grounds that she has some clothes to wash at home. Mrs Powers then told her to leave the clothes and come with her since they were not so many, but she refused. Happy had also insisted that her auntie took along her son with her whom she normally leaves at home with her.

After leaving for her shop, Ayittey Powers wife waited all day to no avail for Happy to join her. Little did she know that the teenage girl has got other plans. She later contacted her husband to inform him of the development, but Mr Powers told her not to worry on the grounds that Happy must be very busy at home.

But on getting to the house late in the evening, they met the entire house locked. According to Mrs Powers, they had to use their spare key to open the doors, after which they realised that Happy has left with all her belongings.

“We got home late that evening and the door was locked so I went back to the car to get the spare key so we could get into the house.”

“We went to her bedroom and realised she had packed all her dresses so I went out and asked our neighbours if they had seen her around [and they] said they saw her with a luggage but assumed she was going to the shop,” Ayitey Powers’ wife told 3News.

Mrs Powers also discovered that the sum of GHC3,000 left in a drawer in their bedroom was also missing, together with her under wear and other personal items.

On further enquiries, she learnt that Happy has been going out with one man who comes to the house to pick her up whenever they were not around; leaving their little son locked up in the house.

Ayittey Powers said they have reported the matter to the Dansoman police station but there are no traces of the missing girl yet. He also declared readiness to reward anyone who comes up with any reasonable information on the girl’s whereabouts; adding that their utmost concern is the safety of the young girl.