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Amid the recent criticisms, Azumah defends Bukom Banku, saying he is only doing what makes him happy…

Ghana’s renowned boxer, Professor Azumah Nelson has come out to defend controversial boxer Bukom Banku’s decision to bleach his skin. According to him, Banku is a mature man who is old enough to make decisions for himself.

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Last Friday, Azumah Nelson on the show, ‘Tonight with Nii Kpakpo Thompson’ on Viasat1, aired his views on one of the most widely discussed issue in Ghana at the moment. Bukom Banku has been on the lips of many Ghanaian following his skin bleaching venture as well as a recent indecent exposure in a video clip. Banku has also been seen recently wearing artificial eye lashes, heightening critics’ attacks on him.

But amid the recent criticisms, Azumah defends Bukom Banku saying he’s only doing what makes him happy. On his first appearance on the show, Professor Azumah defended the comic boxer and his decision. According to him, Bukom as well as well as every other person is doing what he feels is right, and if he feels like bleaching his skin, there is really nothing anyone can do about it. He equally stressed that Bukom is “grown up and he knows what he is doing.” 

Azumah defends Bukom Banku

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The former world champion also expressed his concerns on the discouraging situation of boxing in Ghana. He complained about the declining interest for the sport in the country, expressing doubts over Ghana’s fate in the upcoming Olympic Games. The iconic boxer stated his doubts that Ghana might not win a gold medal in the games.

He however noted that he alongside other stakeholders, are planning on resuscitating the sport once again. He stated that boxing in Ghana which seems to be lying in state, will be awoken through the numerous efforts and contributions from concerned stakeholders who are willing to take it to a brand new level.

Professor Azumah also hopes that in the next four years, Ghana will do remarkably well at the Olympic Games.