‘Mahama Not Hiding Behind ‘Accounting to the People’ Tour To Campaign? Tell that to the Judge! – Baako

President John Mahama has been on a regional tour of the country tagged ‘Accounting to the People’. Out of the 10 regions, he has been to the Western, Eastern and his latest stop, the Volta region. Now, Baako is trying to ‘believe’ that the President has no campaign motives behind the tour.

Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper has said that only political novices will believe that President Mahama is not capitalizing on his ‘Accounting to the people’ tour to campaign ahead of the November 2016 elections. According to Kweku Baako, the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) is only using the tour as a cloak to camouflage its real motives.

The government has said that the aim of the tour is to afford President Mahama the opportunity to connect with the people of Ghana, explain policies, and elicit feedback without filters. He is also expected to use the period to launch the conversion of Polytechnics to Technical Universities initiative, commission projects and also inspect some ongoing projects.

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However, this tour has excited criticisms from political actors, accusing him of using state resources to campaign to win the presidential elections. The New Patriotic Party for instance has accused the president of abuse of incumbency.

They believe the tour is a campaign. According to the party’s second deputy Eastern regional Chair, Nana Fredua Agyeman Ofori-Atta, it is evident in all his speeches as the President Mahama is using all the campaign words like “this is what we want to do when you give us power.”

The Presidential Candidate of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has also suggested that the President’s tour is just a campaign trip running on tax payer’s money.

The Executive Director of the GII, Linda Ofori Kwafo, said they may not have the hard facts to prove that indeed, the President is using state resources for campaign purposes; but certain indicators might prove he is guilty.

Speaking on Peace FM’s morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, Kweku Baako said “accounting to the people is their choice of words but it is only the politically naïve who will think this has nothing to do with election 2016 and it has no campaign element…I mean, you tell that story to the marines.”

He said his problem with government is “the lack of courage on the part of the NDC communicators to concede the obvious. “It is so obvious that it is a campaign,” he added.

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It can be understood, he said, that the element of incumbency has made it difficult for governing NDC to admit they are campaigning. He pointed out that government does not want to be accused of incumbency exploitation but it is best if they admit it is a campaign.

However, while Baako believes there’s nothing wrong with the president’s commissioning of projects, but he feels they should have the courage to tell the populace that the move is majorly for campaign purposes.